Seen in the light of the soul, every failure is a blessing, a landing for a new departure. Any progress is made of uncountable failures. When one departs from the straight road, the Grace sends us a terrible failure to prevent us from losing precious time. Finally, all that comes in answer to our deep and sincere aspiration is a gift of a priceless value. But in desperation, our material physical being curses the Heaven. But the Grace does not softened with our lamentations. She listens to the luminous voice of the inner Soul and leads us from failure to failure towards the Truth resplendent, infinite and eternal. One day, when the brilliant sun floods our entire being with its smiling light, we throw ourselves at the blessed feet of the Mother with love and gratitude and a humble and sincere prayer. ” Marvelous, graceful Mother, a thousand and a thousand thanks to you, for preventing me from succeeding in blind unillumined moments. Send me all the necessary failures to enrich me more because without these heavy packages of the failures of yesterday, I would have remained an inexperienced, poor man, incapable of understanding this world in great distress, a true pitiable failure, incapable of fulfilling the function You meant for me “. One who has not suffered in the burning hell, not faced the murderous hatred and greed of people starving for name, power and wealth, worse than carnivore animals; one who did not make all the mortal errors, was not possessed, pushed and goaded by macabre devils, at least in his infra human thoughts and feelings, and yet was always saved from disastrous consequences by the Grace, how can he pacify this destructive storm, this blind bloody violence which drives people towards annihilation! Only Your victorious love can slowly pacify, tame, and make them docile and useful. They are moved by tremendously powerful, adversary forces, which still dominate the earth scene.

As souls will feel Your sweetness, Your protection and will accept Your guidance, Your saving intervention, these titanic beings will leave the earth scene, not having any more reason for their existence and a base for their cruel and heartless activities.

O Mother Divine, crash in our homes without being invited, break everything, burn the old stinking furniture, turn our life into a grazing ground, plough the land to plant there sweet smelling rosebushes. O Mère Divine, come; do not wait any more for our permission.


Niranjan Guha Roy – 2002