We all need utmost goodwill and gentle thoughts and prayers
to go through the difficult and tragic life on earth.
Let our life be a compassionate choir of devoted violins vast,
wide, deep, soft and swift and embrace the whole creation
O Mother Divine, flow in dense rain showers
Of ecstatic vibrating violin music in our body and soul.
O Mother Divine, come down on the wings of praying violins
And heal our groaning bones, aching nerves and flesh.
Liberate the psyche in a coma locked in a secret chamber.
O Mother Divine, transmute our animal bodies into majestic temples
To house the Eternal Lord and His Mate.
O devoted violins play a sublime symphony of gratitude
In honour of our Guide,Teacher of supreme harmony and beauty,
Our gentle and sweet Douce Mère.

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo come to fetch the soul of the violinist

( last painting of Niranjan Guha Roy – 2004)