Who has painted the multi colour brilliant wings of the butterflies and the fishes in the depths of ocean. Who has created these magnificent trees which do not speak but which silently raise their thousand arms thanking the sky. Who gave to the migratory ducks the perfect sense to fly through the thick clouds and thunderstorms to the lake of their birth. Who put in a grain the future palm tree, the fruit trees, the oaks and the huge pine trees. Who steers planets, sun, wind and current, distant galaxies with the precision of a clock.
Our birth is microscopic. Two cells join and bit by bit form the child in the womb of the mother who one day comes out to become a man or a woman who develop with a stunning precision, bearing the features of their parents. Everything is steered exactly. The man came after the monkey, the monkey developed from the animals, which have disappeared.
The man hides in him the prophetic vision of the Creator of this magnificent world everything around us. All the dramas of human life are a delight for this eternal Dramatist who combines our pleasures and sufferings to make the nectar of tomorrow. She is there, at work in every cell of our body, in every atom of the universe. Everything is scheduled with a precision so complex and so real as nobody can explain it. We are also Her creations, the Creator is not somewhere else. She is certainly outside, surrounding all the universe, penetrating everything, but She is also living in a secret chamber inside of us. She does not know either suffering, or ugliness or cruelty or violence. For Her, all this is the ecstasy of a great creative artist.
To discover Her in our deep soul, to become aware of Her, to listen to Her, to collaborate with Her is our future. To emerge in the eternal glory where everything is felicity, where shadow does not exist only music, symphonies, dance, laughter, brilliant colours. Tears, sobs, shouts, dismay, perpetual hell do not exist any more. In its presence all this nightmare faints in a huge tide of smiling light which absorbs and remakes you by flooding you with an unbearable ecstasy. If you are not burnt out by the light, you come out molded by light. A living divinity.
Such is the destiny of every man. As he becomes ready to bear this current of bliss of high tension, through millenniums and uncountable births on earth. Nobody dies. You and I are immortal souls, the living divinities of tomorrow who develop in this shell that is the body of man.
When we have a window of our soul open to the infinite beauty which is around us, it is easier to discover the Origin, the Supreme Artist, the magnificent Creator who waits for the right moment for his manifestation in our life, our external consciousness.
Let us make a prayer for the Divinity of which we see the radiant dress here and there.
Pray, she waits for our appeal. I do not see either people or women but the Divinity in uncountable bodies in pilgrimage on the road of the eternity in the discovery of the treasures hidden from the Infinity.


Niranjan Guha Roy