Sweet Mother, be my guide day and night.
Take me by the hand across the jungle of desires,
Animal instincts which are trying to eat me up whole.

Give me a crystal mind which sees clearly
What will take me to the Divine in the shortest time.
Give me the courage to pursue the cunning inner enemies
To their hidden lairs deep in the subconscient regions.
May I be ruthless towards the insincere advisers
Who disguised as friends only want to murder my soul.
Break open the unwilling door which hides the Divine,
Flood me with your purifying Force and luminous delight.
Everyone, everything pass away down the Ganges of life,
Only the eternal Wonder, the supreme Reality, Thyself in person
Remain constant, ever present in the dizzy flux of time.

Open my inner eye, O Mother Divine, fill my heart with love.
May I recognise Thy presence in all men, animals and prophets.
May I discover my true note in the symphony of life led by Thee
And fulfill my part with the utmost care and goodwill.
Possess me, O Mother, so completety that all my thoughts and feelings,
All my words and acts, all my sensations, each fibre and cell
Of my body, my heart and soul are stamped with Thy Name.
May my soul be a fountain of love open to all in the cruel desert.
You are my heaven, my paradise. I have no need of salvation.
Water, land and sky have become Thy mystic body of immortat delight.
By Thy touch of grace, the sleeping souls are waking up
One by one, until the day when all earth shall be divine.

Om Sweet Mother, Om Sri Aurobindo,
May I be faithful to You.

 Poem Niranjan Guha Roy