It is a very good sign when one feels a silence in the head. Once  it settles down, we  will be free from the habitual round of thoughts. In that silence, higher knowledge may come.

Sri Aurobindo wrote all his books in the silence of the mind. In a Buddhist monastery, the silent mind is the primary object of the spiritual discipline. One should remain as peaceful as possible. This silence in the mind will have a beneficial effect on the body.

Man, the humanity, is going through perhaps the last formidable crisis in its evolution. The Divine Power is relentlessly working for peace, unity and harmony everywhere, on all levels of society. All ego driven motives will lead to discord, suffering and ruin. The Divine Power is generating new forces for greater collaboration, cooperation and collective enterprise. It will awaken everywhere among an elite, a sense of unity, a basic need to share and work together for the good of the race. As the need for a global peace and harmony and the sharing of the wealth of the world will be felt as urgent and imperative in order to avoid a general catastrophe, in the minds of the leaders and thinkers concerned with the destiny of our race, new happy solutions will be found for all the unhappy problems of our existence. But as long as man lives in his ego, that is to say, in the mental consciousness which cannot feel the essential unity of all creation in the Divine, he is incapable of achieving real unity even in conception, much less in action. only a spiritual being, a man having a divine consciousness, can solve the fundamental problems of human life. That is why development of the true spiritual consciousness in humanity is the main preoccupation of the Divine Power, the Divine Mother Nature. The Mother and Sri Aurobindo came on Earth to prepare the new race, the divine race. As more and more souls will be touched by the transforming Divine Force, more and more peace and harmony will manifest on Earth and gradually the strife, struggle, violence, suffering, torture and agony will be forgotten, replaced by a constantly growing luminous consciousness of unity, harmony, beauty and joy. A farmer talking of his old dog which could hardly move said, “Luckily, he does not feel his misery.” Man luckily feels his miserable condition. So surely he will recognise the true solution one day. He has experimented with a thousand remedies and always turns finally to the spiritual solution, and no sincere seeker has ever been deceived. But now, any individual deliverance is not sufficient.

The whole earth is aspiring for a new light, new life, Life Divine. We could all take part in this great adventure by consecrating our mind, life, body and soul in the service of the Divine, by surrendering our ego to the Divine, by allowing the Divine Mother to shape us according to Her vision. One can say joyfully, the Earth is responding to the healing touch of the Mother Divine. The seeds sown by the Mother are sprouting and soon they will be saplings. The Earth has crossed the fateful frontier and entered the age of light and truth. Blessed be Thy name, Mother Divine.


Niranjan Guha Roy -1990