There is a supremely conscious power of Truth at work in the earth consciousness.

This Truth, this light of knowledge, this force of true and the right will is infinitely superior to the highest spiritual light in the mind that the earth has ever known. It is working powerfully to create a new earth, a new heaven of divine existence here on this earth. Under its power and influence a few exceptionally developed souls may rise to the levels of the truth consciousness which are practically inaccessible to the general humanity even to most of the spiritual aspirants, for very few souls in evolution are yet ready to receive and bear the formidable and crushing descent of those sovereign forces. But what is possible and generally practical is a new spiritual orientation of the whole race, at least of a good part of it which is much moved by mental ideals of perfection, unity, harmony, peace, the ideal of a noble and beautiful constructive life. The emergence of this enlightened humanity will solve most of the social, political and psychological problems and prepare the way for a divine government of the world. There are some signs by which we can recognize this, mentally luminous emerging humanity. These signs are at the same time pointers or directions towards which the idealistic human soul must move to arrive at some sort of satisfying spiritual harmony of the total being.
According to the spiritual psychology, each human being has 4 distinct parts or sheaths. First we have the material sheath – the body; then the vital being or the vital sheath, the life part in us; next we have the mental sheath of the mental being, the mental envelope in us; and finally the soul element and the psychic being around which the whole personality of a human being is constituted. According to the mystic traditions, the soul or the psychic being is the immortal part in us, our true being that grows from life to life in stature, capacity and in its dynamic power. All our aspiration, idealism, all that is noble and high, good and beautiful comes from it. The evolution is essentially the growth of the soul clothed in a mental, in a vital and a material sheath in the terrestrial existence. By its influence and power, it makes conscious these various sheaths progressively. ‘The psychic being has a natural aspiration for the Divine Truth, for the true consciousness, for the supreme beauty, for the supreme good for the union with the Divine. In proportion, as this aspiration becomes stronger and stronger, the human being strives to lead a more and more true spiritual life. This soul acquires a certain universal awareness and develops a supranational, international spirit. The mind is free, progressively from prejudicial and circumscribing views. The well being and love of humanity as a whole become the basis of the individual consciousness. This view or more truly this deep feeling comes from a spiritual perception of the Divine Being who is all, from a sense of an underlying indivisible oneness from a perception that each human being, potentially, contains the Absolute of the absolutes. The vital being responds more and more to beauty, harmony, elegance, nobility, simplicity and purity and rejects more and more cunning, cleverness, duplicity, diplomacy, depraved desires, hungers and tastes. There grows in the being a disgust and finally an incapacity for doing acts of sheer cruelty, violence and perversity and all sordid and macabre inclinations and propensities, a natural recoil from uninhibited frenzy of sexual activities, gluttony and debauchery and mean and misery existence. There grows a capacity to serve and obey as opposed to the desire to command and have sway over people and nations. The leadership becomes not the fulfillment of an ambition, but a trust and a responsibility, a delegation from Above. The individual waits on the Supreme. He executes, but does not initiate. “Thy Will be done” gradually assumes a deeper meaning in life and there is a growing eagerness to listen to-the voice, the inner command or the true inspiration. There is an anxiety full of love to be able to obey the master, the teacher, the guide, the friend, the Mother Divine. There grows in the being the need for direct experience, true and tangible contact with the Divine Reality concrete experience of the Divine Presence. The mind is no longer satisfied with mere words, theories, spiritual romanticism and imaginations or information contained in sacred books. The heart will seek the proximity, closeness and intimacy of the Divine Being, the body will respond with energy, vigor and a delight in work. When the body comes under the psychic influence, it wants to pray and adore the Divine in a very physical way, primarily by working with the body. One wants to grow flowers for the Divine, cook food for the Divine, build a Temple for the Divine, do a statue or a painting, one wants to sing with one’s voice one’s love for the Divine. One wants to play the musical instruments, one wants to dance in adoration, one wants to do acrobatics, gymnastics, juggling with the body. All physical acts, even eating, breathing, seeing, hearing, touching, sleeping, walking, etc., are affected in a positive way by the new growing consciousness.
As we grow in consciousness, we try to find a work and activity or activities, which give us an opportunity to grow more and more towards our ideal. Our action come closer tour inherent capacities, our inmost nature. As we grow more and more under the influence of the psychic being, we grow as well towards the fullness and integrality of our being. There is less and less conflict, confusion and division in our being and there is a growing harmony not only in ourselves but with the world as a whole, with the entire creation. We begin to perceive the Divine as the sole existence, all these infinite manifestations, the single undeviating love and will, the single and eternal infinite being. Our soul and the soul of all other beings in whom we live, move and have our existence eternally.


N.Guha Roy