Whatever happens, we must keep an unwavering faith in the Divine. There is no final solution on the level of the human consciousness.

Only when we find the Divine, the eternal mysterious Player who in infinite forms is constantly playing out his drama, when we sense and recognise Him behind the mask of names and forms, when we are surrounded with his oceanic Presence surpassing all existence, then we are truly liberated. For we enter into his immortality.
Only the waves rise and fall on the bosom of the ocean; the icebergs rise, drift, clash and melt, adding grandeur to the seascape. We are nothing. Is our life more precious than the life of a bee in the measureless time? Maybe we are no better than the bees. There may be beings of infinite consciousness; compared to them we may be just ants, yet God has given us a wonderful opportunity to love and live, to feel joy and sorrow, to sense the unfathomable mystery all around us. We are part of a vast, unfolding, unending drama. We are caught in an ever expanding net of love. We love, fight, and risk our lives for a total stranger. A thousand times fascinating, strange and wonderful is this drama of life. Like a film show, our life unrolls every moment the end of an old episode and the beginning of a new opera. New faces bring back to memory, even from a distant past, faces we have loved and hated. As the time recedes, the unbearable becomes almost pleasant. When we look at the old times and their cruelty and horrors, we wonder how one could have lived through all that. Perhaps the generations who would come after us would consider us barbarians with our armies, prisons, slaughterhouses, discos and nightclubs. Who are all these actors, players and stars. How so much passion and love, symphonies and burning aspiration could remain locked in the heart of matter?
Our life has a microscopic, accidental beginning with a million hazards. Yet as we grow from our first state of utter helplessness, we begin to feel a power to conquer the world. By what magic is it possible to feel that way? Living on a pinhead in an infinite universe with myriads of galaxies, we find fault of the Creator. We try to correct his various errors. What stupendous audacity and arrogance. With a flickering candlelight, we defy the Sun and seek explanation for his behavior!
The All Powerful, the absolute reveals himself in a point. Where is He absent? We are made with his consciousness, his substance. What we can see, hear, feel, imagine and all that is beyond, here and elsewhere, in all dimensions is that supreme Being and reality. We are always inevitably moving towards Him, his infinity of light and love and joy. So whatever horse we choose, we will eventually come out winners.