Om Douce Mère, may we remember constantly with love and gratitude all that You have done for us, all that You have endured for us, all the poison You have swallowed coming from us, all the sublime sacrifices You have made in order to protect us and lead us on the path of Truth. May we too, in our turn bear and endure as You have done in order to help our brothers and sisters in distress, in their struggle for a higher state of consciousness. May we remember the supreme sacrifice You have made in order to help us until Your body fell totally exhausted, bruised and fatally wounded, drowned in the sea of poison we poured on You. Can we ever be pardoned for our cruelty and insincerity ? Do we deserve a pardon ? We can redeem ourselves only by offering ourselves to be Your faithful slaves happy and fulfilled for eternity.

Om Sri Aurobindo, may we constantly remember how both of You burnt as torches to the end in order to illumine the road to the home of Truth and Felicity.

Niranjan Guha Roy