May Thy all-seeing, all understanding, all harmonising self realising Will be done. Its action is too vast, complex, and recondite in this chaos of turbulent desires and violent hatred to be perceived by our mind. Each person is a microcosm representing the whole world and all the forces in it

. By yoga we become a little conscious of the tremendous unceasing deadly battle between the forces of the past unwilling to give up their strangle hold on human beings and supremely auspicious divine forces which work day and night to liberate the soul of man from the mortal grip of the asuras and lead him to an eternal consciousness of unfading Light and Bliss. We cannot become divine by any amount of personal effort. This material universe is the field for the manifestation of the absolute Consciousness where the absolute Consciousness is involved and has slowly emerged through evolution, first as crystallised matter, then life in matter and again mind in vitalised matter, and now That is preparing to emerge as a divine being in the mental vital being, the man. The monkeys have not made any effort to become man. Now we are willy-nilly participating in our own evolution. But this perception is false. For nothing really depends on us. We may truly say we are witness to a formidable divine mutation taking place on earth. We have not grown into a man or a woman from our embryo by our own effort. We will not grow into something more even by our all-out effort. An almighty Will-Force is working to transform these mud-vessels into chalices for the nectar of Gods. The Super Nature is the only Power at work. Our yes or no has no place in Her working. Any amount of earthen jars will break in Her shaping process. But the emergence of the divine race is an absolute inevitable certitude. Every moment this world slips in the oblivion of the past and a new world appears from the unmanifest Mystery. Every moment a quantity of dark unconsciousness dies and a quantity of luminous consciousness is born. One day it will be all Light and Bliss. Our hopes and dreams of a world of peace, harmony and beauty are early intuitive rays of a marvellous Dawn to come, a new divine creation on earth, infinitely surpassing our wildest imaginations.


Niranjan Guha Roy 2000