Equality in the face of suffering, diffculties, discouragement, good fortune and misfortune, praise and insult, friends and enemies is the frst indispensable step towards achieving peace.
Freedom from all psychological reaction is the glorious consequence.
Acceptance of all circumstances will prepare the being for a greater liberation.
Obedience is the secret and most powerful key to the Divine Life.
Surrender is the progressive realisation of the Yoga, or the Union with the Divine.
The obedience must be based on faith in the beginning, unquestioning and an unshakable will to execute the Divine command, be it small or big in its importance from the human point of view — Do not eat this apple, or go and found my empire. The state of obedience carries with it the omnipotence of the Divine and its power and sanction for the inevitable accomplishment of the command.
Increasing obedience brings growing confdence in the Divine or we see that He always intends our highest good and happiness.
Equality, acceptance and obedience are the essential elements of surrender in the early stages. In proportion as they acquire a fullness, the faith grows, the Divine Knowledge and illumination increase in intensity, in clarity. An unconditioned joy begins to settle in the being.
As the surrender grows, by its very defnition the ignorance progressively dies and the Divine Master, the Shakti, take possession more and more of the being.
As the Divine grows in us with the progressive surrender, so too the veil that hides the Divine in the world, in the manifestation, gradually disappears.
With the perfect surrender, we are in the constant mystic Presence of the Supreme Lord of existence Master of all creation and manifestation, self-revealed in all forms and objects and movements.
There is only the Divine., the Infinite and the Eternal Divine in us, all around us and beyond us, the sole Doer, Initiator and Executor of all actions. For verily there is no one else except Him.
Thou art all, beyond all, Thou alone art.
As the crown of liberation through surrender, will come the supreme Divine Love for the Divine in all beings and things and beyond all manifestation, the Eternal, the Infinite One.



Niranjan Guha Roy