As we become silent, peaceful, vast and impersonal to the point of being non-existent; when we can truly say that we do not exist, then an unbelievable, unsuspected veil is lifted, permitting us to see the Divine, the Eternal, the Infinite who unfolds Himself eternally for His delight of existence in various dimensions of time and space. All is verily He, She, the marvellous, mystic, eternal, infinite Personality and Being. He is fully, absolutely in the tiny spect of pollen grain, as He is in the most brilliant sun. For His delight of existence, He is hidden here, a little manifested there or more fully revealed elsewhere. But, behind everything, comprehending everything and beyond everything, He is the ever-unattainable, ineffable absolute. Between the helpless garden snail and the fully developed human genius, there is such a stupendous difference of consciousness; so too, between the man and the higher manifested Grandeur, there is an abyss; so too, between the highest divinities and the Transcendent. Forever He runs vastly in front of any manifestation however high and magnificent; yet, He is fully present in His absolute perfection in the heart of each little blossom in creation. He is the supreme Good and Benediction. In each thing and being in existence, He is the Supreme Love enveloping, unfolding each thing and being with His might, wonderful and tender transforming Love. We must become profoundly silent, we must enter a state of complete self oblivion, we must become truly zero. When we shall become totally nothing, then will be revealed to us that unalterable massive, concrete, the supremely conscious Divine Reality. Each heart and soul is His abode, each body and form is His living image and a sovereign means of His own infinite manifestation. Each name and face is a self-creation. In this material universe the utmost transcendence is packed in the heart of man. The Divine is the supreme craftsman and the sculptor of His own body and form. To each form, to each human being, He pays the utmost attention full of love, care, tenderness. At each moment, He is working and preparing for the highest good, for the highest divine revelation in each being. In His own time, in His own inimitable way, through life and death, through millenniums, through ages. That is why when our eyes are unsealed by His Grace, spontaneous prayer comes from our soul.
“You are forever eternally’ the Supreme Good, the most auspicious Benediction, the boundless Love. May we never lose sight of you, may we give ourselves entirely with love and confidence into your hands. May we be fully plastic and docile to your transforming influence and action; for through every act, through every event and circumstance, through every feeling and thoughts, we are coming nearer and nearer to You.
O my marvellous Friend, may I desire nothing but Your Presence that is the supreme Benediction, that all pacifying, all healing and most deeply satisfying love. O Mother marvellous, do Your mystic liberating work in us. May we fully collaborate with You. May we call You in constantly until You stand eternally unveiled before us. O supreme most auspicious Benediction, Benediction, Benediction..”
Painting Niranjan Guha Roy