Was it an accident or a predestined meeting?
Someone magnificent, inconceivably pure and good,

An inner Splendour, a huge outburst of radiant Power,
Granite walls shattered by the onslaught of Light.
Mountains of filth and gloom heaped through ages
Washed away swiftly by the torrential rains of Grace.

Someone wonderful, unforgettable replaced all other idols.
A haunting Face, those uncommon diamond eyes,
Illumined the heavenward ascending track sharp as a razor.
An intolerable unfathomable sweet mystic Presence
Filled up all existence, past, present and distant future
with a blissful reposing fragrance of an undying flame.
Someone who came for a brief spell to walk on our soil
Has never left – for Her, there is no coming or going.
There is none here or anywhere ever but the Supreme Shakti.

Mother Divine, accept our surrender
Unequivocal, total, uncompromising, full of love,
Devotion and trust unwavering.
May our whole being become an open unobstructive channel
For the action of Thy luminous all-realising divine Will.

Om Sri Aurobindo saranam mama
Om janani Meera, janani madhura saranam mama.


Niranjan Guha Roy