We have the born tendency to keep under the board all the dirty things. But the Divine Power that is active in the world will not allow us to do it anymore.

Nobody would be able to hide the dirty linens. Nobody would be able to pass off as a Saint. All that is ignorant, obscure, ugly and painful will be exposed to Light and gradually transformed. It is true for the souls consciously aspiring for the divine transformation and true also for the world in general. The soul aspiring for a new life will feel a great joy in this process of cleaning up. But the ordinary human beings who cling to their ignorance and falsehood would feel the crushing pressure of circumstances obliging them to change their ways. Even if a few aspiring souls could open their heart mind body and soul to the transforming action of the divine force in a large measure, it would bring a vast rapid revolution in the world. In a way, this is a body happening, and the pace of revolution will only increase. This is a revolution in terms of consciousness. Gradually all the discords and murderous, selfish and ignorant tendencies will give place to a greater sympathy, cooperation and harmony. Men in desperation turn to marxism as an escape from the tyranny of the capitalist system. Each religion proclaims its supremacy. Change of politics, religion, country or society, nothing finally solves the problem. Man remains enclosed in his obscure human consciousness. Only by ascension to a higher luminous consciousness can he really come out of his uncertain perpetual crisis. In any case, he cannot have peace, security, harmony and happiness by remaining human. The lions of Durga will devour him if he does not take the right direction. This is true for the individual as well as groups and nations. This is the inevitable, irreversible action of the supramental force in dynamic movement in the earth consciousness. Those who are genuinely good at heart towards everyone will be helped by the Divine Mother. Aspiring souls enjoy Her protection.