There is only one way to get out of all these mental troubles. As the world is, it is very difficult to say this is right and that is wrong

as we have attachments, preferences, preconceived ideas, not to mention about our personal reactions. Only when we can acquire a perfect detachment, an equality in the heart and the mind, there grows a possibility of seeing the movements as they are. We can develop an uncaring indifference or total detachment but that takes us gradually away from life at best towards the philosopher’s tower or a monastery, perhaps Buddhist. But if we have to live in the world amidst its battles and struggles, its hopes and deceptions, its thousand clashing forces, then first we must develop a warrior’s strength based on equality and then follow the dictates of the soul. As soon as we become aware of the soul, we become aware of another state of consciousness, different from the ordinary mind and heart and our search brings a progressive revelation of the Divine Mystery. Then remaining in the world yet above all conflicts, unaffected by any event, we do the Divine Will in the world, grow towards a new life more and more spiritual. But the secret soul in the heart must be found.