Man is constantly struck down by accident, disease and death so that he may aspire to immortal life.
Man is constantly deceived by human love. Even when it seems perfect, death and separation annul it. So one day he begins to yearn for the divine love, the eternal Lover.

Man is constantly running after wealth and power and, having acquired them, is perpetually haunted and threatened by them, and finally he has to part with them regretfully on his death bed. So he gradually learns to acquire the infinite wealth and power of the Spirit which no bandit, no bankruptcy, no opposition can ever take away from him. The spiritual investment always brings, life after life, rich dividends.
Man’s whole existence is a mighty, merciless, ceaseless struggle, effort and desperate challenge. As we improve our playing style by facing strong opponents, so too our souls constantly grow by defying ever growing challenges, exult and rejoice in meeting eagerly an ever new formidable opponent, be it an austere mountain peak or a difficult grand symphony or an age old seemingly irrevocable law of suffering, ignorance, death and decomposition. Every defeat, every conquest increases his flaming aspiration to realise the impossible at the moment. Soul immortal pursues through eternity across the surging, roaring ocean of felicity, the ever unknowable Divine, the sure Lover who hides Her face and attracts us irresistibly forever towards the untiring game of embrace divine.