There is only one valid answer – to become more and more conscious of the Divine, to grow in identity with Him, to be molded and recreated by the Divine Consciousness in the conditions and circumstances created by His all-seeing wisdom.

There is a strong and not so illumined mental attitude, which says if I have such and such work or if I do such and such work, I would have greater possibility of spiritual realization. Or one says if I do such and such work it would express more truly my spiritual realization. On the surface of it, this attitude seems quite logical, sensible. But on cool analysis, this does not seem to hold good always. People have realized the Divine under very unfavourable circumstances and spiritual people have undertaken work, which is not considered spiritual. The fact is that we are still hypnotized by the mind and its direction of our life. If our aspiration is genuine, then a supremely friendly Power actively intervenes in our life and arranges things and events favourably, exclusively for our spiritual growth. Its singular preoccupation is the growth of our consciousness. By its Grace we become aware that unless the consciousness is transformed nothing is really gained. The growth of the consciousness does not depend on things, events and circumstances but exclusively on the aspiration of the soul and the intensity of the aspiration. It is also a fact that when we are in the right consciousness, in a state of true aspiration, we gratefully realize that we have been given the most auspicious and favourable circumstances for the growth of the true consciousness.
As we learn to give up all personal initiative and leave everything in the hands of the Divine with an unshakable faith, we become aware of the Supreme Power shaping the work for us. We do not choose the work we have to do. We become aware of the work that has to be done. It is not a personal choice but a mandate given from High. It is not so much that any work prepares us for the spiritual life as the growth of the consciousness prepares our future life and work. Even after one has realized the Divine if there is an attachment to any particular work, this can be a serious hindrance to the Divine work in the world. As we grow in consciousness, we realize that work is only a movement of consciousness. The Divine wants to unite the world. The Divine Power of Consciousness is at work, the all-accomplishing Chit-Shakti will realize the unity. As we grow in identity with the Divine and His Will, we too shall act in the way He acts, in and through the Consciousness. All work is a movement, an expression of the Consciousness. To grow more and more conscious of the Divine so that one day we can say in all simplicity, there is only the Divine and nothing else no one else in the universe and beyond for that has become the totality of our experience and consciousness and is the only logical and sensible work for us who aspire for the spiritual life. Until we become aware of our appointed work, let us have implicit faith in Him and accept whatever work or circumstances He creates for us knowing that whatever He is doing for us is for our highest good as He cannot do otherwise. The Divine is our only goal.

Niranjan Guha Roy 1983