One might say that the Divine Power is working very strongly in the world for creating unity and putting a pressure on the most recalcitrant elements, which refuse the essential Oneness.

In this respect Pondicherry, not Ajodhya, is the hope of the future. In our legends, the story of Sati is very striking. When Shiva mad with grief danced with the dead body of Sati and threatened to destroy the creation, Vishnu intervened and cut her corpse in over fifty pieces which fell in different parts of India and thus, Vishnu saved India from a destruction by creating a greater unity through the emergence of a number of holy places of pilgrimage or seats of the Hindu spirituality. A portion of the body of the Goddess created a centre of spirituality, which has lasted a few thousand years. In Pondicherry the material discarded robes of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, God and His Shakti are so to say, lying in state permanently. There is an irradiating Force from the Samadhi, which can be compared to the radiation of nuclear energy. As it is a spiritual Force, so it can be felt anywhere. The whole atmosphere of the earth is surcharged with its Presence. It is working to awaken the consciousness of the essential spiritual Oneness, everywhere, in every being and thing. Naturally all those who are receptive to it will feel a constant urge of spiritual growth and a new orientation in their life. So Pondicherry acquires a new meaning. The spiritual energy emanating from it will unite all the aspiring souls, unite India and unite the world. The more we can embody this Force, the quicker will the transformation take place. As in ancient times, Sati by her death united India, so at the present time, the Mother Divine and Sri Aurobindo even by the sacrifice of their body are uniting India and the world. This is a subtle physical fact. Of course, the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are most powerfully present on the spiritual levels of consciousness. It is the tremendous pressure of Para-Prakriti for a radical change that has brought out on the surface all the opposing elements that have to disappear.
Unity is the only solution for all problems of humlan existence. To live in the vision of Sarvam Brahman and acty moved by it
Only a true surrender to the Mother is our utmost security and happiness.

Niranjan Guha Roy 1991