The Mother has spoken on various occasions the effects of the Supramental Consciousness manifesting more and more in the earth atmosphere. Here below are noted some important results of its action:

The pace of evolution of the entire earth is accelerated. Centuries are compressed into decades. The supramental consciousness is based on unity and the supreme harmony of the One. It works for oneness, unity and harmony in the world.
The mind is a consciousness of division and separation. It prefers death and dissolution rather than transformation. What it cannot cure it wants to destroy. So the mental man always thinks of war and annihilation as the ultimate solution. It always wants to run away from the problem of existence to distant heavens or into extinction or dissolution. The supramental consciousness has the inherent power of truth! It alone can triumph over ignorance, division, strife, obscurity and suffering in this world. Because it is the supreme Light, it will expose everything that is hidden in the subconscient depths and the inconscient of the earth nature. It does so in order to transform all darkness into light, all division into the harmony and unity of the Spirit, all suffering into delight. Because of its insistent, increasing pressure, the beings who can follow its pace consciously and willingly would be safe and secure and even enjoy the spiritual adventure. Because the world governed by mind resists vehemently the demand for wideness, unity and harmony, an increasing chaos and consequent suffering are inevitable. It is the resisting world of ignorance which is heading towards atomisation.
It is a mad race between the powers of division who want death and dissolution and the supreme transforming power of the Divine which alone can save and transform the earth. The Truth consciousness is also a power of the transcendent divine Love. It alone can neutralise, pacify and transform the powers of falsehood and violence. If a human soul could lose its separate identity in the Divine, then it would become a centre of direct action of the supramental Mahashakti. The greatest changes in the earth movement are accomplished in silence. It is decreed that the earth shall be saved and transformed, so too the appearance of beings with supramental consciousness.
That section of humanity which aspires for a higher life of peace, beauty and harmony will be helped and uplifted. The Divine is the only and the absolute Master and Lord who decides and accomplishes what has to be done. The present period of stagnation and decomposition is perhaps a prelude to a greater and more secure creation from the spiritual point of view. The human beings are simple pawns on the chessboard of the Divine. Only the Divine exists, acts and lives eternally, infinitely. He manifests Himself as it pleases Him.

Recently I had a glimpse how the supramental consciousness acts in all groups small or big, in all individuals who aspire for a new life. The Supramental has no need of any strict code or set of rules or fixed dogma. It is the supreme Power of consciousness and works from within, in the consciousness of the aspiring soul. It awakens the sleeping soul, brings the light of truth in the awakened soul and accomplishes the miracle of the transformation of nature in the willing soul. The Supramental is working for establishing a higher order of beings on the earth moved by an automatic self governing inner light of truth, dynamic unity of the Spirit, peace, joy and harmony of the divine consciousness where any conflict, discord or self assertion or ego driven movement is impossible. The whole earth is so to say exposed to its radiation but the groups and individuals who have consciously opened themselves to its powerful influence really need no outer control or a code of conduct. They become progressively aware of what is favourable and what is unfavourable for the growth of the true consciousness. All the same this attempt to rise into a higher consciousness is extremely difficult to say the least even for the spiritual athlete.

The human holds back with all its might the ascending soul, the high flying eagle! Those who have attained a greater measure of union with the divine consciousness automatically exercise a greater pressure for transformation but this pressure is not felt as an outside imposition, rather an inner impetus for spiritual progress. There is no individual control, no domination by anyone. It is the supreme conscious Force now acting through some individual centres directly for her own manifestation. As we rise in consciousness we feel and see how the supreme conscious force is in absolute control of everything here and everywhere. We are living in a spiritual reactor with the most powerful radiation and if we do not feel it or are not affected by it, then we can realise how effectively impenetrable is the protective cover of ignorance to the powerful rays of Truth. But it is only an appearance. The protective cover will wear down gradually and give up its congenital resistance. We will be taken up in the flood of light and force. We will be coerced to admit the sweetness of the divine Presence in every fibre and cell of our body. If we can only hold on to Her with all the power of thought, emotion and aspiration of the soul, then comes the unimaginable unexpected impossible breakthrough. She takes possession of our life, mind, body and soul for her own delight, for her appointed work in the world.