We feel the need of an integral surrender to the Divine Mother in order to emerge into the truth of the divine consciousness. Our mind must be silent, not running in habitual circles of our plans and projects.

Our vital must be peaceful, free of desires, free from all restlessness which seeks all the time, new and exciting happenings or is otherwise depressed. Our body must be full of a quiet energy under the awakened psychic influence and not driven like a slave by a mind vital, combined, selfish master. Our aspiration to see and feel the sole existence of the divine reality must be strong, sincere and unflagging. The Divine alone exists. The Divine alone acts. The Divine alone decides how the world should be at each moment in the minutest detail. The Divine alone knows our destiny, our place, our work and what we are supposed to do and how best we can do it. Not even the least blade of grass moves without his power and sanction. We live in the illusion of a separate, distinct individuality, personality. We have a microscopic beginning and we grow as He has seen us in his vision. We are at best a little lamp illumined by his power, consciousness and felicity. We exist only for his divine pleasure. Our life will be fulfilled when we shall live, feel and act only for His pleasure, when the least trace of ego, the false impression of a separate being will have disappeared, when we will have become a conscious organ of his infinite body, moved by his delight. Total self annihilation in the Divine Being is the aim and the very essence of surrender.

Niranjan Guha Roy -1986