Rising against the distant sky, a marvellous City of Light teeming with life, temples high as hills, sweet strains of silvery laughter float in the air, crystal clear. There the night is unknown, the watch stops, the day does not move anymore, the torments of the existence are forgotten, divine enjoyment erases the past. Everything is a play of light, a phenomenon of consciousness. The unique Soul, the inalterable felicity, the absolute force, the Divine, only the Divine today, to morrow, always.  One is in the Mother’s Home. Between the Soul and the soul there is no more distance, a presence, infinite vibrations of immortal Felicity, the incarnate Love. The eternal Mother Divine holds all creation in Her powerful arms. The earth smiles and cries with joy.

A new supernal sun shines in the sky invisible to man. The Mother Divine welcomes all Her children on the breast of Divine Love, erases the path of ignorance. The divine man appears on the earth scene, so ends the long and painful Every atom shelters the Divine and the atom is only God’s body.The divine man lives in the Divine, moved by the Divine, at the service of the Divine. he carries the torch of Light, the joy, the immortal power. All beings are his brothers, beloved children of the unique Mother Divine. Each beings are for him a reflection of the Divine, a complete part of himself, an aspect of the one Infinity.

A new race, very young belonging no more to the animal humanity, heir of the light, soaked with immortal bliss,luminous, peaceful, free from selfish desire, free from carnal passion, violence, equal in the soul, united by the divine Love, surrendered and humble, united by the divine Love, moved by the divine Will, grows nourished by the Truth. Their inexhaustible joy, their beauty, kindness and frank laughter will abolish the long nightmare.


Niranjan Guha Roy