The essence of joy and beauty, I offer to every traveler.
I am a fragrant rose, every petal carries the name of the Lord.
Free as the wind, my spirit flies through the borders created by man,
And the quicksands and unstable banks of the powerful rivers.
The artist in me admires the supple movements of the black panther;
The wild goose white as snow brings me news from the distant lakes.
In a slanted eye I discover the ancient magnificence of the dancers of the court
The soothing beauty of statues of matt copper raises my soul.
A ray of light makes the coal and the opal shine equally.

I am a nomad without house, I belong to no country, race or clan.
God is my father, the earth my mother, all beings are my playmates.
The Lord removed the heavy and dirty heap recovering the internal light,
Opened my starving eyes, my ears and my spirit on a horizon without limit.
Wherever I go I see the masked faces and the outlines of His presence,
His uncountable immovable and living images.
At every bend of the road waits for me an exalting surprise,
And in the silence we hear the most beautiful melody, the purest note.
I have not need of a banner – in the service of the Lord I feel accomplished.
Master of my destiny, God is my friend, my guide, my refuge, my shield.
All that I receive comes from Him, my life, work and future depend on Him only.
For all the poison and the dirt which I throw on Him every day,
He sends me a rain of blessings flooding my life, spirit, body and soul.
With the smile of the spring, the sleepy seeds burst of happiness.
When the bells of the winter ring, the snow covers the earth.
The Mother Nature performes Her ritual as an accurate Conductor
Who knows perfectly the partition and every note of the symphony.
Writers, actors, audience and technicians all forming a single body
Collaborate in the faultless unfolding of the epic drama,
Magnificent processions of fantastic visions, mirages, dreams and images.

To be in the team of the workers of the Mother is my highest honor.
I am a happy pupil on the boat of dream of the Divine Mother
Who navigates on an ocean of irridescent light
Towards the distant land of divine life.