What are the steps of our ascension and preparation?

The evolution proceeded perfectly before the coming of man - man too is just a product of evolution, he is not the creator or the power who creates this world. At the moment he is moved and led forward through his ignorance, weakness and obscurity and suffering by the Supreme Power. He can aspire to be conscious of Her action, of Her aim in life. He can aspire to be a conscious, humble, simple servant and instrument, a child, Her conscious portion in the world drama possessed and moved by Her alone. But to arrive at this difficult and sacred consummation, what must he do? What are the steps of his ascension and preparation?

1) To discover the Soul or the Divine personality in us by concentration on the heart center. The result would be the liberation into the consciousness of immortality and divine existence. There is no question or imagination or guesswork or even wishful thinking. It is an undeniable, unmistakable state of consciousness self-evident requiring no proof.

2)     The first movement as it deepens and widens will lead to the opening of all the centers in the being, especially one above the head known as the thousand petaled lotus. This opening will have concrete results constantly verifiable whenever one concentrates, meditates or wills; a consciousness, a power or force or light or joy or peace will come down through the head into the body to the heart center. This will be a normal experience; eventually this descent will be a continuous flow practically constant during waking, during sleeping, during work or leisure. The intensity will vary. The Divine Mother will pour Herself more and more in the instrument more and more purified, more and more transformed. There will be a constant widening and deepening of the consciousness accompanied by hundreds of spiritual experiences and constant revelations. The inner subtle walls separating us from the Cosmic Consciousness, from the Divine Consciousness will break down or explode under the pressure of the descending forces or the powers rising from within. This is a very dangerous and dramatic and heroic period of sadhana. Every human being is the quintessence of all the manifestation, of all that is beyond the manifestation. The high and the low join in him. There will be constant unrelenting battle in his being and consciousness between the lords of darkness and the beings of light, truth and greatness. There is no escape from this inner battle. At every moment the choice has to be made. Our only safeguard is to aspire and call down more and more the Divine Mother - consciousness, force - into our being. It is Her gradual and more and more complete descent that will eventually transform this human nature into the divine being. Nothing else could do it.

The key is an absolute surrender to the Divine at each instant with the knowledge that whatever happens in our life or in the life of the universe has been permitted and initiated by the Supreme Consciousness. There should be a joyful, obedient acceptance of every being, thing and movement in the universe. There must be at the same time a growing will to do at every instant what the Divine wants us to do. There must be an anxiety, a keen eagerness, an unfaltering faithfulness and loyalty and fervor to execute the Divine Will. This knowledge of the Divine Will can grow with our growing surrender and progressive annihilation of the ego. We must see the Spirit and the Divine in everyone and everything. The Absolute has taken an ephemeral relative form withholding in it all His absoluteness. It is the play, the Lila of the Divine Being, being all powerful, being all vision, being all wisdom, He is the lame, the blind, the wicked, the distorted for the sake of play and the sheer delight of existence. At any moment He can change His role, transform the world and reveal some splendid ray of His built-in divinity. The Absolute in all, the Absolute beyond everything, beyond all. We must cease to exist in infinity of eternal Existence and Consciousness. The iceberg must lose its identity in the Ocean and know itself only as a partial limited formation, a dream instant of the Ocean. If there is not that total liberation of the soul in the Divine Consciousness, there is the danger of a contrary result leading to utter self-oblivion, deception and ultimate spiritual ruin by the demonic magnification of the human ego. The results are inordinately cruel, powerful, megalomaniac beings who bring agony, violence, terror and death. This too is permitted by the Supreme Divine Will for a divine purpose, but this surely cannot be our aim for the world has seen enough of those monsters who are not extinct yet. This cannot happen to anyone who has truly discovered his soul or to anyone who sincerely aspires for a spiritual and divine existence.

N.Guha Roy

There is a vast revolution going on.

There is a vast revolution going on.  It cannot stop until the New Life is fully established on earth.  In other words, this period of great transition gives the sense of instability and precariousness.  Due to the pressure of the Divine Force, all the darkness and devil’s stuff hidden in the human nature are rising like the scum on the surface of molten metal.  This is happening on the individual as well as the universal level.  The Fire of transformation has engulfed the whole world.  All that moves towards the Divine, the One, Peace and Harmony is safe.  All that refuses to budge, entrenched in separation and division, ignorance, obscurity and violence is inevitably moving towards extinction.  When one looks from this point of view, then one can see inside and outside of oneself what is helpful and what is self-destructive – what helps us to come closer to the Divine and what keeps us away from the Divine.  When we think, feel, speak and act in a way which brings us close to the Divine, we begin to enjoy the felicity of the constant Divine Presence.  This work can be done anywhere.  If one is serious, then one can feel the invisible Sun constantly shining over the whole earth and inevitably transforming it into a kingdom of God.


N;Guha roy 1992


I listened through the ages

 I listened through the ages, mute millenniums,
Far, far beyond the corridors of myths and legends.
I felt the heart of the burdened time.
I heard soul-searing cries and lamentations
Of cruel separation, pillage, murder, broken hopes,
Ruin, starvation, revenge, betrayal and hatred.

Gleams of moon rays, ringing laughter
And silver jingling bells so rarely
Accompanied the carmine fierce drama,
That the Seers of old gave up hope in their blindness
And left the poor earth to her seemingly uncompromising fate.

We love to weep and treasure our tragedies,
Gloat over the misery of our own kind,
And triumphantly celebrate slaughter and disaster.
Happiness is cloying, peace is monotonous,
Mirth of the youth and the frolic of the flowers
Are pastimes for the poets, artists and lunatics.

But the clay hides unshaped unseen dream-jars.
Sorrow and suffering are the outer coatings of a deep joy,
Ever new and more intoxicating than blood and tears.

The bud of sorrow blossoms on walls, partitions and division,
Dies in the wide openness of God’s Oneness.


N.Guha Roy - 1956

The only goal of our life.



Nowadays I have no plans and projects. As I get in touch with a higher consciousness, I feel as if I have a diseased brain. What appears to us as the normal consciousness seen from above is an absurd, lamentable madness; the body an uncertain, decaying, precarious, animal structure, miraculously kept in order by an Infinite Grace. So my whole concentration is to establish the true consciousness. To see the Divine in every being, in all events and movements, shaping, organising, preparing the world for a higher manifestation.

The Great Mother is constantly at work. Her mission is to create a divine race on earth. We must never forget Her, but allow Her to work for transformation in our consciousness.

I am aware of an absolute power and wisdom and love which is the origin and source of all that exists here and beyond. Just as a tree grows out of a seed, in the same way the world is moving towards a glorious, luminous future. Nothing happens to us which is not already determined. By a total surrender to the Divine Mother without insisting on the fulfillment of our own ideas and desires; by accepting whatever She decides for us and others; by rejecting always everything that comes from the dark, ignorant, lower, vital, mental consciousness; by a growing faith and confidence in the Divine Mother, we are freed from all suffering and enter into an ever happy and harmonious consciousness, and live always in the Presence Divine.

May we want only what She wants.
May we never stand in Her way, in Her work of transformation in us.
May we be faithful to Her and collaborate with Her fully.
May we be always completely under Her divine influence.
The Mother is real. No one, nothing can stand in Her way.
She is our Guide and Pathfinder.


1986 Niranjan Guha Roy







The Mother is the Key, the Door, the Bridge

If one could remember the Mother while at work and consider it as entrusted to us by the Mother,  all belonging to the Mother , any work will become at every second a service dedicated to the Mother. The more we consider this world as belonging to the Mother who is taking care of it in Her absolute wisdom and love, the more we will become aware of Her Presence in things and beings and beyond everything.
If we can remind ourselves everyday that this world was a ball of fire and now is a miracle of human drama, then we will step into the Mystery of God, His self creation. Each thing, each being, lives and glows for a second in the eternity. Behind it all, supporting all, substance of all, forever unseizable yet tangible, perceptible is the supreme fascination, a joy, a love, a beauty which compels us to live and enjoy and pursue It through all time. Once we have a glimpse of Him, of Her, then the life becomes a rhapsody, a song of delight, a game of chase, hide and seek, a tireless happy play with the sweet Companion.

As long as we are attached to the surface glitter, as long as we are satisfied with fugitive pleasures, as long as we are bound and enclosed in our little self, we miss this grand liberation, the vast measureless self play, the Lila of the Divine.
The Mother is the key, the door, the bridge, the stairway, the wide luminous straight auspicious, secure crystal paved Highway to that liberation.


N.guha Roy 1984

O wonder Spirit of Beauty

O wonder Spirit of Beauty, Joy and Harmony,
Asleep in the mystic chamber of the aspiring soul,
Awake and spread wide your peaceful wings
On our warring passions, senseless thoughts and actions.
Let our mind be a vast sanctuary of unbroken felicity.
Let our emotions be warm and sustained notes of vibrating strings.
Let our actions be at good times, at odd times, a symphony of solidarity.

O wonder Spirit of Beauty, Joy and Harmony,
Strip away from our heart, mind, body and soul,
The hard layers of ugly violence, endless cruel suffering
And release the dancing fountains of sparkling song and laughter.
We are as yet only partly divine even at our greatest summit moments,
Waning and waxing like the moon, ever unreliable, inconstant.
The human retreats slowly before the steadily growing Light within.
The age old prophetic manifests of the Kingdom of God on earth

O wonder Spirit of Beauty, by your active Presence is now a reality.
A new muted race still wearing the human face glowing with the psychic Fire
Appears on the horizon to change this nightmare into an exquisite, radiant dream.

N.Guha Roy

"The soul cannot be won by the weak."

Very often there is an unrelenting battle between our deepest aspiration and our outer being. Sometimes it become a life and death struggle for the issue involved is serious, that is to say, if our soul wins, then there is likelihood of a most radical change in our life. But this emergence of the soul is being resisted by the established forces in the evolution. There is only one way: not to be afraid. We should throw away all the good suggestions of human wisdom, all the suggestions of the collective human consciousness and just dive with all our courage into the Divine. There are tremendously powerful universal forces which rule the humanity through the highest forms of ethics and morality and religion. They prevent us from approaching the Eternal, the One, who is all, yet beyond all. These forces too are forms of the Eternal, they are there to measure our strength, to examine the sincerity of our aspiration, to test our mind, life and body, to see if these could bear the descent of the Godhead. In a way, they temper the steel in order to forge the sword of God, the steel strings for His harp. A soul which is destined embraces difficulties for increasing his strength, wisdom and capacity. One who chooses an easy and facile path goes nowhere and comes to nothing. When the soul is conscious it automatically chooses daring, dangerous and often seemingly impossible adventures. So let us not ask for the soft path either for ourself or for others if we wish them really good. The few selected by the very nature of the inner law will have to go through the baptism of fire, will have to face the greatest ordeals and must come out victorious. If they fail, that is to say fall, they will have to rise again and again until they can pass through the formidable gates guarded by the mighty angels, entrusted with the work of choosing truly fit vessels for containing the mystic fire, the power and light of the Divine Consciousness. Sri Aurobindo repeats the words of the Upanishad. "The soul cannot be won by the weak."


N.Guha Roy 1984

Our inevitable, most auspicious destiny

 It is the secret destiny of our soul which creates our life and work. The outward circumstances are truly a correct image of our state of consciousness. Our destiny is to grow one day in the divine consciousness. As the inner light grows, our life takes constantly a new orientation. The physical mind of man, his animal vitality and the body created from an inert unconscious matter, are like so many impenetrable walls which prevent the soul from shining through them.  At this stage, whatever we see in human life, in the race, is the creation by the mind. The mind lives in separation, in division. It arrives at a unity by adding different elements. It tries to express unity through a uniformity. It cannot have an idea of Infinity. For the mind, Infinity is an indefinite ceaseless extension of number, of space and time. The mind has not, does not possess the natural sense and vision of absolute indivisible unity and oneness.

The apparent unconciousness is a conscious voluntary limitation of his own manifestation for his own play and joy of existence. Gold never ceases to be gold, whatever form or colour we give to it. Now the Divine has decided in his sweet will to manifest himself more completely. This He is doing, and nothing and no one can prevent him from doing it. Our personal will for or against the divine manifestation in ourselves, in others and the world, is absolutely of no consequence. Whether we like it or not, the soul in us will grow and we shall become divine only when He decides the moment. The human ego is a strong bandage over the eyes of the growing divinity in us. When the Mother Divine decides in Her playful fancy to remove it from our eyes, we shall emerge in the eternal blissful light, and recognise our one and unique Mother and the divine Source and Origin. This is our inevitable, most auspicious destiny in a thousand years.


N.Guha Roy 1988





Prayer to the Divine for a world of Harmony

May Your sovereignly benevolent Will be realised by the manifestation of a world of truth, peace and divine harmony
May our surrender become total, perfect without any personal preference.
All is eternally the Divine, one and infinitely multiple. Each one is Thyself. You are at the centre of each one and all. Whatever be the change, the Substance is always the same.
Om tat sat

Everything existing on earth, natural or created by men is the earth itself under different forms. Your Presence in each and all, everywhere behind the most obscure beings, the disguises, deformations, the terrifying forces, the dynamic energies in perpetual changes even in the void and the nothingness is the only constant reality. How can You manifest such a beauty, tenderness, power in some fragile earthen vessels so ephemeral! What a wonderful spectacle, stupefying, endless passes at each instant in front of our soul as witness.

O Magician, Om Mahamaya paramarahasyamayi-amrita chaitanyamayi ananté.

All those actors and actresses each one playing their roles on the scene are Yourself innumerable.

There are still moments of forgetfulness and we fall in an abyss of obscurity. There are still a very great quantity of weeds in the consciousness, a huge work remains to be done and this is why I address to You this prayer:

May I see You more and more with Your own eyes.
May I let You speak through my mouth, love through my heart.
You have become the absolute adored Master of my consciousness, of my existence
You are my beatific paradise, the ocean of eternal peace beauty, harmony, felicity.
Carry me in Your current according to Your WillBe without pity if I loose the way. Put me back forcefully on the track of grace
Be free with me. I want to belong entirely to You outside, inside at all moments.
You are the supreme benediction in the life of each and all

Niranjan Guha Roy _21-February-2000


on transformation of the body

To my own experience, I have the feeling that the body by itself is a wonderful instrument with great potential capacities hardly discovered. One day, by the descent of the powers of a superior consciousness, these latent possibilities will become a reality. This is in a way our aim, effort and struggle. As it is today, the poor body is a slave tyrannized by the mind and especially the vital. We hardly ever ask our body how it can be in its way happy, healthy and in harmony. We have to observe only a little to find out how almost all our activities are for the pleasure of the vital and the mind. In the yoga we have undertaken, this fact must be clearly seen and recognized. Of course, unless we have a higher aim of existence, if we suppress the mental and the vital activities which drive the body, then there hardly remains anything interesting in life. But there too, in all societies, disciplines have been developed in order to keep in control the mind and vital, so as not to incapacitate, injure or destroy the body too early. Moderation is the human law. Then, there has been another tendency to increase the actual powers of the body so that we can enjoy life as it is in a better way with a greater security. The physical education in various forms has been practiced and developed. This is a positive step. When we approach yoga, moderation and physical education are very helpful, indispensable. There is another serious problem: illness. Essentially this is due to the present state of imperfection of the body. As we are made today, perhaps it is practically impossible not to suffer from it sometime or other. The first two approaches, moderation and physical education minimize the possibility of illness but does not eliminate its presence. Various systems of medicine have been developed to cure and protect us. Still, there is nothing like a sure healing. If we want to make our earthly existence truly happy and beautiful then the transformation of the body, or rather, the formation of a new body becomes a logical necessity. The Mother and Sri Aurobindo tell us that by bringing into our body the powers of the spirit, the consciousness of Truth, this can be done. Our old masters, the mind and the vital must be dethroned and the Divine installed. This is precisely the basic fundamental work that we have undertaken. First, to discover the Divine. Then, allow our mind and vital to be gradually transformed, to establish through a growing experience a direct connection between the Divine and the body. When this connection is established, the Divine influence will flow into the very cells of the body and the transformation will begin of which we have hardly any idea because it has never been done before. The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have carried on this work of transformation to the point of absolute certitude and they have recorded their experiences. What they have done can be understood in an extremely limited way only when we undertake this work. In the little book, Supramental Manifestation, Sri Aurobindo has recorded His experience and the vision of the future. In the Agenda the Mother has recorded Her experience with the body in the minutest detail. But in general Her experience is inaccessible, practically impossible to understand, unless one is in constant union with the Divine in the active consciousness. She speaks of the actual experience and not of the vision. So you see, how important is the body and its true well being from the point of view of the yoga we have undertaken. A long life, free from disease and the effects of old age in union with the Divine Consciousness is within the present range of possibilities. This itself will be a tremendous achievement and a concrete proof in a very material way of the validity of the Yoga of Transformation. Let us work for this aim even if we fail so much of the groundwork would have been done.