The divine will is the absolute law of divine love based on the visionof the supreme Reality, the Lord, the Mother

The highest wisdom from all points of view is to give oneself to the divine will. Because after all, it is the divine will which is being accomplished at every moment through apparent collaboration, non-collaboration, resistance and revolt. What is this divine will? It is the absolute law of love based on the vision of the indivisible supreme divine Reality, the Being, the Lord, the Mother, the Eternal, where one sees nothing but the Divine in everything and the substance of everything, where there is no moment except of the Divine, where there is no other aim than the enjoyment of the felicity and love. How can we be certain of this law of love, the divine will? Unless we have become identified with the Divine entirely, exclusively, it is difficult to perceive and realize this law in action. So the ultimate wisdom is to call upon the divine will, His law of love, His sacrifice of Oneness to take possession of us entirely, to do its work without consent and collaboration or in spite of them and even against their refusal and resistance. If our call is sincere the law of love is accomplished however poor might be the instrumental being. By our passivity to the law we can allow it to be fulfilled.

As we become more and more open to the divine reality our participation in this law of love becomes more and more active, dynamic and effective. In the first stages even if we do not feel the love so much there can be a peace of infinity which is invariable, impartial, equal and works for the highest good for all the beings, and as our contact with the divine reality increases and as we become more and more possessed by the divine reality and identified with it, the law of love becomes operative and effective and all embracing. We need not bother about the worthiness of any being or beings to receive and respond to this law of love - according to the development of the beings and their response to this highest Love there will be automatically, spontaneously, inevitably formation of a collectivity or groups like the galaxies around each divine inspiration and the blossoming would be spontaneous, everything directed by, presided over by the Lord of sacrifice of love, by the Divine Mother Herself through Her active Presence in all things and beings and beyond.


Niranjan Guha Roy

The witness in us, thoughts and imagination

More and more I see that by giving ourselves entirely to the Divine, all our personal problems - problems of the collective life, even the problems of the world - are practically solved, for by our act of surrender we become aware of the Divine, we become aware of our soul and its line of work and development, how it can take part in the divine plan, in the world plan.  In our mind, our thoughts have different worlds.  By careful observation we can gra­dually separate and classify the thoughts.  We may say there are purely bodily thoughts, then vital thoughts, then mental thoughts from mind regions, then soul thoughts or psychic thoughts:  but these too are often mixed and cannot be put in a clear-cut way in one class or another.  The aspiration, which is like a wordless need for something higher, truer, durable, eternal, comes from the soul.  The speculative mind trying to pierce the mystery of existence through thought process can also become an aspiration.  The impulses, feelings which seek a more refined pleasure or delight or search for a durable love can be the beginning of a true vital aspiration.  The body itself, in a mute way groping and longing for a perfect and painless existence, can participate in the aspiration.  The mind can watch as a witness over all the activities going on in it.  This sepa­ration of the witness, the observer, is a very important step in this yoga.  When we discover the true witness, self, in the mind, we find that it is truly impartial, but has a deep view of things and is not attached to our personal way of thinking.  It is a true outsider in the sense that it cannot become accomplice of our thoughts.  It is the represen­tative of the Divine in our mind.  We have to become more and more quiet and detached in order to disengage it and distinguish it from the flux of thoughts.  What you call fan­tasy or imagination or dreaming comes from different regions. For instance, a chocolate mountain is a vital imagination, or a push-button organisation is a mental imagination, peace and harmony among the nations is a psychic imagination.  The nearer we come to the soul and its perception, the truer are the images, fantasies and dreams.  Many of the imaginations could be a direct or slightly veiled and indirect perception and feeling of some reality in this world or in other subtle worlds.  Morbid people have an unconscious access to many un­pleasant and dangerous and ugly ranges of consciousness in the vital worlds.  Optimists are forward-looking people - they live in tomorrow in a better world.  To be an optimist is a sign of wisdom.  The spiritual optimism comes from a true and deep perception of our deliverance in the Divine, in His Beauty, Joy and Harmony.  So, all you have to watch is:  that you do not harbor any unhelpful, sad, gloomy, tragic, danger­ous and destructive imaginations.  Instead, you should always imagine happy, beautiful, harmonious, helpful thoughts. They have a tremendous power of creation. The dreamers create the new world. Sri Aurobindo says something like this” God dreams and Time realizes His dreams.” So let us find our soul which is always one with the divine, then dream. In any case, we will not be able to do anything else for we will be constantly dreaming God’s own dream. God is never unhappy. Tragedy is the lot of the broken pot, not of the potter. We must cease to be the pot and become  one with the Creator and His marvelous rapture.


N.Guha Roy 1978


Remembering the Divine in all our actions

Our effort must be to remember the Divine at all times, in all circumstances in action and at every waking moment of our life. Then in course of time the remembrance will gradually extend in our sleep as well. But that would take a very long time. If we succeed in remembering the Mother during any action we may be doing we would feel a general weakening of all resistance to the Divine in the mind, especially the vital and then the body consciousness. This will permit a better receptivity of the Mother's Force from above and a better and stronger inner awakening of the soul. The psychic being will come out from behind the veil and be more prominent in our active consciousness. Those who have in any way accepted Sri Aurobindo and the Mother as their spiritual Guides and Teachers are certainly more evolved beings than the common man.

What is the greatest difficulty on the way to our realization of the Divine? We all know more or less what is demanded from us by the yoga, what we must do to follow the yoga, we all know more or less our spiritual obligations and duties and conditions laid down by the yoga. What prevents us from achieving our aim and goal is not so much our incapacity but our unwillingness to leave behind the familiar ways and habits. In short, especially the vital refuses to give up its favorite haunts . Now in the process of yoga we come to a serious point. The soul, the psychic being inside gets stronger and brighter by the influx of the Mother Force from above, now powerfully active in the earth atmosphere but the outer physical being refuses to budge an inch, like the obstinate donkey who says, "tempt me with as many carrots as your want but I won't give up my favorite field of thistles." Well something has to give in, either the divine power must withdraw and the psychic stop growing or the donkey must move forward, otherwise an explosion is inevitable. And that is happening in everyone without exception under the pressure of the supramental consciousness dominating the earth evolution. Either give in to the Divine or disappear, get blown up, lose the balance . This is the inevitable process of the change-over from the human to the divine consciousness. Of course, it is not possible to change our habits overnight, but if a good beginning is made, not just a pious unfulfilled resolution to follow the Divine, then one is more or less safe and enjoys the protection of the Mother who will give us strength and protect us on the upward way. She will change our weakness into strength and power if only we wish to belong to Her in all sincerity. She will take out all the painful spines in our flesh, one by one and release us into Her light, peace, joy and beauty.

To conclude, it is for our own safety on the road that we should do what we know as the right and the best thing to be done, not to postpone it indefinitely but set our teeth and with all our courage, take the decisive step forward to belong truly to the Mother. This is what She expects from us and this is what will make Her happy in our relation with Her. We must not keep Her waiting.

Om Douce Mère, help me to overcome my obstinate resistance.

Om Sri Aurobindo, our kind and benevolent Teacher, be with us always.


N.Guha Roy


Paintings - Aspects of the Mother Divine

Our mother - Mahakali

Fierce for the dark hypocrisy , lies and falsehood
Passionate protecting mother for the sincere aspirants to the Light
She is Herself the symbol of absolute love and dedication to the Supreme.
She is the Fire burning, purifying, transforming the argile into gold


Ananda - Mother of Felicity

Her smile, Her gaze, the music of Her presence
Penetrate the soul in a flow of benedictions.
Luminous Felicity,
She emanates a magnetic grace like the fragance of a flower
An  eternal unending Felicity binds us all in Her embrace


The Mother of Divine Love

Her love is like subtle delicate perfume purifying our house of life,
A charming melody turning softly around our soul.
She pours Her love  like a sacred rain
Tansforming slowly the arid earth in a garden of roses.


Douce Mère

Gentleness , tenderness , compassion incarnate.
She fills our hearts with her appeasing sweetness
And heals all our wounds with her smile.

In our immortal soul, we discover the infinite sweetness
Of the smile of the Divine Mother


Divine will

The supreme Force , always at work
She directs in detail the evolution of the earth.


Sweet Mother

Sincerity, simplicity, humility incarnate
This is our Douce Mère
She is incredibly humble, supremely simple, accessible
Clear as the crystal. She is our infaillible friend.


Only the supramental force can gradually create a new divinised matter.

The yoga of Sri Aurobindo is extremely difficult, impossible by one’s own effort alone.
Unless we really aspire to be free from the iron grip of the lower nature anddesperately want to leave behind our animal humanity and rise to divinity, nothing much happens, we remain tied to ignorance and suffering.
The divine life cannot be imposed on anyone who is not ready for the evolutionary mutation, whose psyche is not sufficiently formed.
The divine life means complete freedom from desire, greed and passion, a life entirely consecrated to the supreme Lord, to His Shakti and Will, to be shaped, remade, animated and moved by the Divine Mother alone.
We become aware of the Divine, His infinity, His eternity, His light and bliss.
All the beings, things, events and happenings and all the worlds and universes are His own manifestation, gradual unfolding of His hidden splendour.
By His Grace, when we emerge into light, live in His marvellous presence we realise that we have no real existence by ourselves apart from Him. We are only a portion, a spark of His sun, an instrument for His play.
But this is only half the story. Our soul now free is given to the Divine.
Our physical being created through long biological evolution remains anchored to the soil of the earth by heavy gravitational pull of matter.
Inwardly we are illumined, detached, tranquil, unaffected by lower nature. Mind is full of Light, sees the Divine everywhere, even the vital being has lost its turbulence and become a faithful docile instrument. But the body is hardly different from any other body, dull and heavy, subject to the bio-chemical process, beyond our effective control, subject to animal reactions, disease, decay and final disintegration.
The cells of the body function meticulously, automatically driven by an inconscient power with utmost precision in a huge complex system.
Unless this inherent nature-power in the body cells is radically transformed by a superior Force descending from the highest spiritual planes above, we will remain imprisoned, a conscious soul in a death-bound body.
Only the supramental force can gradually create a new divinised matter.
And this supramental force is no other than the supramental Mahashakti.
No human effort or ambition can divinise matter, only the Divine Mother.


N.Guha Roy

Paintings - The Divine Mother of Compassion

Discover in your immortal soul
The infinite sweetness of the smiling Mother
Who will tranform your existence into bliss.

Solace  -The healing hand

Her tenderness simply takes away all suffering
And illumines our consciousness

An absolute power, a goodness healing all wounds
A peace appeasing all tempest.
A love divine not yet known on earth  is at work
To create a New World

The force and healing power of Compassion


The divine Grace erases , purifies and allows the spiritual new birth

The Mother blessing the earth

the unfathomable Mystery is nothing else

Than the infinite heart of the all healing Love
Appeasing,, liberating of the Divine Mother.

N.Guha Roy

Spiritual Unity-Let us concentrate on the Divine and allow Him to do his work in us and shape us in his vision into beautiful instruments to play his sonatas, concertos and symphonies.

As I am entering more and more in the true consciousness, becoming more and more aware of the Divine, more and more I am moving away from the human affairs and the human world.  Our life and action are natural expressions of our state of consciousness.  An ant lives the life of an ant.  A sparrow builds its nest without learning how to do it from anybody.  In short, man cannot be anything but man as long as he lives in the mental, vital consciousness. Of course, there are gradations within the human consciousness - from the animal man to the enlightened man, but the fundamental character of man, the mental being remains unaltered.  He lives in duality, in division and a separatist consciousness.  Good and bad, ugly and beautiful, kind and cruel, selfish and unselfish, life and death, etc., ad infinitum.  The very substance of mind is based on division and its highest effort is to construct a unity and oneness.  By its very nature, it is impossible for mind to achieve any unity.  Whereas in the spiritual consciousness, Oneness, indivisible Oneness, the One who is All, the all-containing, all-pervading Spirit, is the very substance of the consciousness.  When you live in the spiritual consciousness there is no conflict, no division, but a natural Oneness, an infinite Presence manifested in countless forms and bodies.  Man's consciousness by its very nature is conflictual - a constant clash of interests on a thousand levels, mental, vital, material, cultural, religious, political, etc., with others and within himself.  So man, unless he rises to a spiritual consciousness will always suffer the consequences of his limited and divided consciousness.  There is only one solution to all the problems individual and collective - to rise to a luminous consciousness above the mind.   Our only work is to establish in ourselves the spiritual consciousness as solidly, as totally as possible.   As more and more souls enter the spiritual life and try to realise the great Ideal set before us by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, a new world emerges, governed by unity and harmony and divine love.  This new world will have a purifying, tranquilizing effect on the human world.  So if we are truly concerned with the well-being of humanity, then, we ourselves must embody the unitary divine consciousness and manifest it through peace and harmony and divine love.  In other words, if we want to save the world, then we must practice the yoga sincerely and intensely in our life.  To work for saving an untransformed humanity cannot be a wise undertaking.  With the descending light of the Sspramental consciousness, the earth will be purified.  What cannot change will gradually disappear.  That portion of humanity which will be able to receive and assimilate the Light, will be gradually transformed.

Let us concentrate on the Divine and allow Him to do his work in us and shape us in his vision into beautiful instruments to play his sonatas, concertos and symphonies.

1991 N Guha Roy


When Thou art there, what need have I of anthing else!

When Thou art there ,what need have I of anything else,
Foy You are the unimaginable, inexhaustible Splendor
And Treasure eternal infinite.
Give us shelter in a little corner of Your mansion,
Boundless, immeasurable, timeless, breathing living body
Of the bodiless One.

Amazement upon amazement piled sky high, blissful.
O Lord, Thou art all, each one, everyone and ever.
There is no one apart from Thee here or anywhere.
All is Thy play.
An eternal unending felicity binds us all in Thy embrace

You send down the rays of a New sun
Penetrating our brain, every cell of our body.
As our surrender grows, You pour Yourself more and more
Into our heart, mind, body and soul
And become the luminous, blissful, compassionate
Sovereign of our life.

When we feel the thrill of immortal bliss in all touches,
When we see nothing, no one but the supreme auspicious
Divine Presence, the unique Reality, infinite, eternal,
The ever triumphant Sweet Mother and Her own incalculable selves,
Then and then only we are free.


N. Guha Roy

Two giant stars have touched the earth during a century

Two giant stars have touched the earth
During a century, irradiated all that exists,
Raised hurricanes, waves high as mountains,
Swept continents, calmed the madness of men,
Widened narrow spirit, freed the soul of the earth,
Sowed golden seeds in striving hearts.

The endless painful night of falsehood ends.
A new sun appears in the sky of the soul
Which always shines and never sleeps.
These stars went away far, very far.
The earth is covered with their golden, radiant dust.
But Glory is not any more there,
Magnificence is only a recollection.
By the window of the dream, one can again catch
Some beams of the disappeared Light, some outlines
Of this Epiphany, this sublime drama which takes place
Unnoticed, in occult, inaccessible domains to the mortal.

The Mother is always present,
Smiling in front of the awakened soul

N. Guha Roy

Someone great mysterious, illusive, irresistible fascinating lives in the flickering flame of a death-bound body. Who is this one who shines through the opaque clay?

Someone great mysterious, illusive, irresistible fascinating lives in the flickering flame of a death-bound body. Who is this one who shines through the opaque clay? Who is that miracle holding together this ephemeral frame of flesh and bones, this brittle animated skeleton of deathless hope!
What a marvellous face with mobile eyes, brows, lips and cheeks reflecting a thousand moods of an open boundless colourful ocean and far more, love and hate, tenderness and crimson fury of passion, peace of eternity, blazing fire of angry heavens, painful sunsets and the rapture of rising suns, and that bewitching beauty of a smile, that magic flash of a paralysing delight which leaves each time strong indelible ravine-marks on the polished granite of my memories.

O Unseizable Wonder peering at me from every corner unseen, piercing my body-cells and nerves with javelins of felicity sharp and sweet, Your gaze of ravishing mystery calling me from every eyes on every side, allow me to live always in Your company and become divine as You are.

You give me so much and ever more, I have no place to store. My world is overflowing with Your priceless bounty.
As a shameless beggar, I have knocked hard at Your door. You have opened the floodgates of Your love and blessings pouring on me, drowning me, sweeping and driving me along towards some challenging long-term delightful adventure.

Let Your Love, the greatest Power in creation be my sole Guide,
Love that ignores all boundaries, compels people to unite, work together
To build a new world free from violence, a world of peace and harmony,
A world growing everyday more conscious of its unique divine Origin.
Let Your Love that heals, purifies, works in silence be my only Force


Niranjan Guha Roy