21 February


If we set the compass of our life

Pointed to Her alone

She will lead us by the hand

Into her infinite eternal domains of glory


Douce Mère, Thank You

The attitude of the seeker

The attitude of the seeker should be simple -
I do not want to become the Divine , that is an impossibility, but I have the aspiration to come out of this obscure , ignorant, sorrowful life of unconsciousness.
I aspire for the Divine so that He may gradually replace my limited, blind human consciousness by His luminous eternal consciousness.
My action does not rise from a sense of superiority but it is the basic need of my being, the primordial urge of my life.
I will do whatever is necessary, however difficult, illogical, absurd or ridiculous it might seem to others.
I am not guided by any moral or ethical sense, even patriotic or religious ideals.
I will do only what I feel is helpful for my growth, compatible to my aspiration.
I shall be uncompromising in my inner attitude towards everything that binds me to my humanity and prevents me from receiving the Divine Love

To pray for the divine Presence is a very powerful method.
Then a great purity and adoration seize our heart and being, and an intense love unite us with all.
We will be in the very Heart

N.Guha Roy

Behind eveything is the supreme Consciousness,

The true sadness is the sadness of separation. We want to go back to the Source but we do not know how. As if we have a vague memory ....And one day we hear the Call and from then on, all we do is  in response to that irresistible call. This yoga is precisely for people who have seen all, have had all from the human life. As if for them the human adventure is definitely finished. Then they can throw themselves into the adventure of the future : the adventure of the incarnation of the Spirit in matter

It is an adventure of the joy of discovery. One has to become silent, still the inward struggles, recognise the animal in oneself, and discover in his secret heart, the solar plexus, the source of all divine beauty, joy, purity , liberty, then  listen to the Voice of the Guide, the Friend, the Father, the Mother, the Master. First this Voice seems to come from far, but the more we are eager to listen and obey to It, the more the Voice becomes clear, intimate, near. We begin to feel the Person who speaks . It is the Infinite, the Eternal who draws near and comes into our life. Slowly the contents of the Infinite itself fill us with his peace, joy, infinity without barriers, limits in time and space.. The mortal discovers his immortality in the Spirit.

It is the path that the Mother and Sri Aurobindo have traced for us. In the terrestrial evolution, the time has come, the moment is auspicious. After millenia of struggle, anxiety and frantic seekings, man is on threshold of a wonderful life.

You who feel the sadness , be happy. You who feel empty, consider yourself fortunate. The call of the Spirit is on you.

The ways to reach the Infinite are infinite. Give yourself with love to "This", the Source, then your life will be fulfilled. The great Mystery will penetrate you, will be all around you. A common plastic necklace will put you in contact with the abyss of the wonder of the Mystery. Because it is also a momentary incarnation of the Eternal. The" Divine Folly" will possess you

Look all around..nothing was there, nothing will remain as it is. Everything changes. But who changes? Behind eveything is the body of the Infinite, Eternal, the supreme Consciousness, the Ocean with its changing, noisy, luminous waves.

Once we have felt the Infinite, its benefic and auspicious Presence will take charge of us and of our future.

N.Guha Roy


The marvelous Presence

Each object and being in the universe is an instrument of the Divine and when we rise in consciousness  we see each and every thing and being as a manifestation of the illimitable Divine Being.

For our sadhana, we should not pay a special attention to our individuality or lay too much accent on it. It will be as foolish as a rose saying " I am the central attraction , raison d'etre of the garden, without me this garden would not be a garden at all." Behind, inside and beyond each and all individuals is the Eternal, everywhere, in everything.

The yoga means the discipline for arriving at this fundamental realisation and at the state of union with the Divine. We should try to see more and more the Divine working through everyone, manifesting in everyone and accomplishing His intention in the delight of existence.

As our ego begins to be aware that we are an instrument of the Divine, we have sometimes a great fear of being lost in an infinity where we do not exist anymore as an individuality.But once we cross the border into a true consciousness, there is no longer any sense of separation, even any sense of strong individual existence. It is the single Being in numberless bodies constantly changing and enjoying an eternal existence. Wherever we look, we see the marvelous Presence, whatever we hear is the mysterious voice of that Being, whatever we touch is the sacred substance of His body. It is an utter ravishing divine madness, far beyond the grasp of man and his mind

One day Ramakrishna was going along the streets, he saw 3 women dressed up for attracting clients . He stopped, folded his hands and reverently did Pranam to them. One of the persons accompanying him asked " Master, why did you do that?" Ramakrishna, simple and happy like a child said " I saw the Divine Mother"

In the higher consciousness, it really does not matter whether one exists or not, for all around him, inside, outside, is the great Spirit, the Supreme. There is hardly any need to refer back to oneself. All is a spontaneous movement. The supreme Musician plays the organ, each note is our life and fulfilment. God flows through us and through everyone, flooding us with His joy, rapture and unfathomable, intimate love and tenderness.

Silencing of the mind

As the mind will become quiet, you may begin to feel an impersonal vast Peace spread out infinitely, eternal in character. This is the Self, often experienced and described in spiritual litterature. One has to allow it to settle down in oneself. Then a special care has to be taken not to initiate thinking, because the mind is so much in the habit of thinking that without this thought activity one may feel as if one is becoming incapable of thinking and losing one's mental capacities. But this is only a surface analysis. As one begins to have a direct perception, one sees, one does not think anymore  or thinks less but sees more and more. There is no need even for words. One should take care at this stage to become passive as much as one can. The knowledge of all the different parts of our being will increase. The mental method of logical deduction, inference, approximation, conclusion etc.. will give place more and more to a direct perception, to a clear intuition, to a perfect seing. With the silencing of the mind begins the true journey of the spiritual discovery.

N.Guha Roy

Abolition of the animal and of the ego in us

Anyone who has a clear aspiration to belong to the future divine race or a more illumined race has clearly come on earth to fulfill the mission. The yoga of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo is truly meant for them. When one has such an aspiration, the understanding of their sacred writings becomes a constant source of luminous revelation. One also finds in them the answer to one's deepest quest.

But their yoga is very difficult. The development of education in all civilisations has been an attempt  to refine and confine the animal activities and tendencies inherent in man. But the mind cannot really transform the animal in man. To some extent it can refine and chain it with ethical, moral, social, penal, religious, political codes but invariably the control breaks down. In other words the animal triumphs. How can this situation be remedied?  We must have access to a power superior to mind, to a consciousness which is victorious which has a transmuring effect on animality, on the normal nature of man and his activities.

But there is an important question. How far are we willing to forego our humanity? Can we accept as a goal worthy of pursuit the prospect of complete abstinence from sex activities, complete abolition of the idea of race, family, religion, nationality in an inner detachment and above all are we willing to submit to a discipline which seems to be almost a total negation of our self-existence and personality? Are we willing to get completely abolished without distinction, without having a separate existence in the Divine Reality? Are we ready to forego our will and obey a superior luminous Will and wait upon the Supreme Will only?

These are a few questions which one has to consider very seriously and observe if there is any acceptance of such possibilities in oneself at least as basic principles to start with. We have to see whether we an accept the total abolition of the animal in us and of the ego as an eventuality, though naturally that would take a long, long time

On Suffering

The suffering is an inseparable intrinsic attribute and substance of the normal human consciousness. That is to say, as long as we are human with the human consciousness, the suffering is inevitable. The suffering is the inevitable result and consequence of all our inferior human attributes, qualities, actions and of unillumined movements of mental and vital consciousness. Desires, search and satisfaction of sensual pleasures, greed, jealousy, ambition, cruelty, violence , all these elements are natural attributes of the human consciousness and they cannot be eliminated or suppressed, or controlled by mental and vital efforts alone.. They might be refined and controlled by high spiritual powers but not eliminated

Only the Grace of the Mother Divine, the supramental consciousness, the divine consciousness has the absolute power of transmuting them into its own substance of force, delight and oneness. True happiness, delight, ananda is an attribute, an intrinsic  dynamic principle and substance of the spiritual and divine consciousness.


N.Guha Roy

On Beauty

Spiritually, beauty has a purifying, tranquilising, curative effect on human beings;

Beauty in its sublime form can awaken and set aflame an aspiring soul

The Perpetual Change

All the barriers, the frontiers burst,

My consciousness has become a free field without border.

The limits of my existence disappear in a living Infinity.

There is nobody, nothing separated from me... uncountable images,

Thousand reflexions of a broken Sun dance on waves
Everything changes, everything moves, nothing is stable even for a moment
Endless symphonies drop, in a mad speed,
Dying harmonies welcome young rhapsodies.

God advances in giant steps
Yesterday falls in the Nothingness.
Dawn is born with a new face more seducing everyday.
To morrow waits in the wings, impatient.
Past remains still as a strong aroma hanging on the decor of a museum.

My soul dazzled with the long swells coming from the unknown
Allows itself to be rocked in a total abandon to the Divine Will.
Everything changes, everything moves, nothing is stable.
Yesterday is gone forever , gobbled up in the Mystery.
Today is fainting in the enticing embrace of the night which.
The dawn will return tomorrow with her moving surprises.

O my soul, welcome your faithful Love
Who returns with a still new, different face.
Immobile Reality, You are the infaillible constant Presence
O Mother Divine
Magnificent always smiling Mother.

The fire burning

The moment one feels 

A fire burning haevenwards in oneself,

The divine destiny is inevitably fixed.