The Inner Attitude of Surrender

What is most important is the development of that inner attitude of surrender. True surrender is a state of consciousness - it does not mean that all our efforts and struggles are over and we work on the red carpet. It is a fundamental state of confidence in the Divine and an unconditional loyalty and faithfulness to the Divine, an anxious loving willingness to collaborate with the Divine and do only His Will. It is an awareness that the whole existence is a single movement, a single plan and project of the Divine's own manifestation. Whatever is permitted to happen only happens because that is seen as the necessary step in His all-wise vision. It is not so much important the work we do for our work will be completely decided by our inner inclinations, general propensities, and developing capacities and faculties. It is the attitude of the God-Lover, attitude of the faithful soldier to the Supreme Queen, attitude of the devoted disciple towards the supremely benevolent teacher, master, father, guide and friend. We should not rely on our own capacity and own strength - which is finally zero - but ask that Infinite, that Eternal, that unique Power, Mother to help us, to shape us, to remold us in her vision, for her service and her utility. Seen in this way by realising our non-existence, face to face with the Eternal and his Eternity, the Infinite with His infinity, the state of surrender becomes possible and real. The more we give ourselves to the Divine, the more we are possessed by his light, peace, joy, consciousness, and his mysterious. tangible Presence.
This is the work. The rest has no value if that cannot be a means for arriving at this realisation. When we undertake any work with this attitude, the work will be given to us and her guidance and love and presence will be undeniably always with us. The surrender is extremely difficult to achieve with the mind. To become simple, humble, throw away all pride. To be sincere, full of love and dignity for her sake and for Her. To forget the animal, forget even the humanity in us, in all. Just to be ready at every moment to fulfill her least desire, to be at her beck and call with a total self-forgetfulness, to love Her so that her interest and your interest have become identical, same, indivisible in love. This is the crown promised to us through playing with the Eternal Mother, living in her unveiled presence and radiance.

Niranjan Guha Roy
Sri Aurobindo Ashram 1977

The vase of God

There is a dense veil in our consciousness which prevents us from seeing the existence in the true light. Our beginning is accidental, microscopic. We are really nothing but zero , yet we live in the illusion of a false capacity and power of our own. We are just a vase formed by the artist God in a fanciful moment for His delight. We are what we are only by His Grace. We shall be only what He has intended us to be. If we let go of the illusion of our personal authority and surrender to the Divine in a simple, humble way - "Thy will be done" then a loving and unerring Hand begins to organise our life and action. All the time we should be in a peaceful attitude of receptivity. Every time we do what we deeply feel as the right thing to do in the Presence of the Mother, we take a bound forward. Our capacity of discrimination constantly increases. Fear disappears. Since She is our Mother, She knows best what is good for us, and whatever She does for us is for our highest good. She is the best judge of what is good for us. So we must not burden Her with our unillumined demands and desires, but be content with whatever She gives us or decides for us. We must have confidence in the Mother. She is far, far above the human beings and their ignorant ways. She only wants to take us out of our dark, ignorant and painful consciousness.

When I am in the right consciousness, then I feel Her presence all around me,filling the earth and the sky, filling me with a profoundly sweet happiness. Nothing matters at that moment. Even death becomes unreal and meaningless. What a blessing if we could live always in that consciousness! I see how everything is bound to change. Nothing can stop this transformation. The Mother, that infinite sweetness and love, is our real substance. It is just a question of time. As soul after soul will be awakened by Her magic touch, a new race, a new earth will be born. We must forget our little, miserable, insignificant life, and become aware of the magnificent Glory that is eternally around us.

Let us allow That to penetrate us, purify us, prepare us as its instruments for Her manifestation. Our sole aspiration is to be as much as possible conscious of it; to be guided and moved by it as fully as possible. All our acts are a means of expressing our joy and gratitude to the Divine Mother.
Let us remain very peaceful and inwardly  keep the fire burning

Niranjan Guha Roy 1989




The creation of the divine race

I have understood, rather realised, something profoundly fundamental. It is the descent of the supramental consciousness which will create the divine race and the divine life on earth. It is the dynamic Truth Power of the Divine, now active on the earth which will manifest the divine consciousness in the souls long prepared by it in the course of evolution. The descent of the Supramental consciousness will naturally result in the manifestation of a supramental world on earth, just as the descent of the mental consciousness or the mind resulted in the manifestation of human beings. The human world will remain human with a possibility for perfection, but the main preoccupation of the Supramental Power is the transformation of the beings who are ready and not so much the salvation of humanity. These beings will naturally move away from the human society and try to gather islands of Light. There may be only a few islands in the beginning. We are only at the initial stage of the evolution. The Mother and Sri Aurobindo embodied the Supramental consciousness and made the descent possible. Throughout their life, they have helped and prepared many souls to receive the higher consciousness. They continue the work as the supreme Godheads of the Supramental manifestation. By a growing aspiration and an increasing surrender, we shall participate in the creation of a Supramental world on earth. The Divine will takes each aspiring soul to the destined place, It is the manifestation of a new divine world, not the transformation of the old human world.

A supramental being must descend in the soul just as a mental being descended in the evolved monkey. It is, in fact, the descent of the Mother in the aspiring souls which makes the manifestation of the life divine possible and inevitable. The descent of the Mother Power is gradual and its results are irreversible, and sooner or later the soul which has received the touch of Grace will rise out of humanity to his new found divinity. Our sole duty and work is to receive the descending rays and currents and forces of the Supramental Consciousness. Without this descent there is no transformation, no fundamental change. But in the beginning, the Power works for a long time behind the veil and as our aspiration becomes sincere and one pointed, the veil disappears and one can consciously feel the inflow of the Divine Power and Light. Gradually the Mother Force replaces our conscious effort and pours Herself more and more in the consecrated instrument.

From that point, our divine destiny is assured by the Supramental Mahashakti. We become witness of a vast miraculous process of transformation of the human consciousness into a radiant, limitless, infinite divine consciousness. We are in the arms of the Eternal Mother, never to be separated again. Her Presence fills every nook and corner of our life, every bit of the boundless ocean and sky forever. This is the magnificent destiny of every soul who aspires to be a true child of the Mother.

Niranjan Guha Roy 1989

21 February

In Peace and Silence the Eternal manifests

Allow nothing to disturb you

And the Eternal will manifest.

No haste, no inquietude, no tension

And Thou art there without a doubt

For all becomes a Holy Peace

And a Sacred Silence.




On Religion and Yoga

Only a general spiritual awakening will bring unity of the race. Religion is not the same thing as the practice of yoga.The Yoga is a difficult spiritual discipline of long sustained effort to discover the eternal Reality, the Source and the Origin. All religions are founded on some aspect of that secret Reality and have helped many souls to break through the ironclad materialism, have sustained people everywhere to face with faith the tragedy of life. But religions have not succeeded in bringing fraternity among the nations and are powerless to transform the congenital animal nature of man and miserably failed to take the human race to the promised land. Religion is not so different from a political doctrine or a tribal creed. It is the glimmer of a firefly.

Yoga is the eternal Supreme Light. Yoga is the sublime urge of the human soul to unite with the Origin, the supreme Reality, the Absolute, the One in all beings and things. While the politicians and religious leaders struggle and fight to own the earth and impose their will on the poor humanity, the Supreme Power who shapes earth’s destiny in minute detail is at work to create a new divine race from this crude material. Nature is always on the move, cannot remain satisfied anymore with her half-baked product. She is glowing in anticipation of a new creation. 

Niranjan Guha Roy


There is a Divine Power far above the mind of man,

Each creature is driven by an in-built inviolable law. Each man is driven by his nature, his double nature. He is a thinking animal, halfway between heaven and earth. His life is a constant tug of war between reason and passion.The animal in man is yet too strong for angels eager to save him.  Mind cannot control, subdue or transform the animal.

There is a divine power far above the mind of man, There is a supreme Divinity sleeping in his mystic heart. Something marvelous, never known in the history of earth has happened. The barriers between mind and the Divine have been broken down by the incarnate dual powers of the One, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Divine, Avatars of the Supermind. A supreme almighty Force is pouring down on earth from the transcendent sealed heavens above day and night.

Man does not decide the destiny of the earth or its evolution. In his blind arrogance he does not realise his nothingness,. He is only a momentary flicker of firefly, a stray spark. He will not become divine by his own effort at any time.

In the evolutionary march of life the great hour has come, wherever a fire of utter anguish and prayers burns high, The Mother Divine comes down in the soul in Her splendor and lifts the soul from the half-light of mind and reason,  into vast luminous tracts of the eternal supermind.

The Iron Age of darkness, hatred, violence has come to a close. A new Sun that never sets has risen in the inner sky of earth. The Mother's love will transmute the race, even the soil of this earth, all forms, faces and figures will radiate a heavenly glow.The calyx of the heart will be filled with the liquid gold of Her sweetness.  Life on earth will be a benediction for all.

Once you have seen Her face, you become Her adoring priest and slave.

Niranjan Guha Roy -1980

Images - Yoga of the body





Opening to the Light

Welcoming the Mother


N-A Guha Roy

The Mother Bountiful

In our search for the Divine we set an ideal of all beauty, absolute felicity, all power and a total knowledge, all these usually combined in some known form of incarnation, or some divine Personality described in the spiritual Scriptures midst legends and traditions, Still, the Divine remains a mysterious personality, There are always some fears and doubts. We do not have really full confidence in his absolute goodness, love and wisdom. We are fearful of his all-mighty power. The Divine seems to be sometimes too great, too splendid, too high to be approached.  The past Incarnations do not help much for they are too far away, too much clothed in myths and legends to be fully credible.

To me, the Divine was really something nebulous, a mixed image of doubtful reality, a Person who always remained distant and awesome until I saw the Mother.  In Her, and through Her, I saw the face of the Eternal who is all-truth, all-goodness, all-beauty and felicity.  I saw the majestic nobility of the Divine. I understood why when He incarnates himself among the human beings, He is always a King, a Prince, a Queen, a Princess by the very aristocracy inherent in the divine soul. I understood why the Divine is called the Healer by watching and experiencing the Mother. How She healed in an instant, by a mere glance of that captivating felicity the wounds and pangs and the accumulated suffering of ages in a soul seeking her healing touch.  I know now why the Divine is called the light, the supreme light, the supreme understanding and wisdom.

I went to the Mother and laid before her my whole being full of , violence and darkness. Not a sin­gle syllable of  reproach, not even the slightest sign of distrust or dismay in her face. A radiant, all compassionate smiling sun took me in her in­timate embrace and all became pure, tranquil and grateful. We have only read in Scriptures, in fairy-tales that the Divine is all merciful and for­giving.  I had my doubts. How can He forgive me for my enormous obscure thoughts and actions in my consciousness, I who have crucified the Divine a thousand times in my blind violence during periods of utter inward rebellion? With the hell fire burning in my heart, I have approached the Mother. Nothing is hidden from Her,  She said to me " Play the violin, it will give you peace” 

Not the violin but her words of utter understanding, utter forgiveness, Her words of an unimaginable magnanimity gave me the felicitous taste of peace for which the souls aspire. I have understood now why the Divine is called the Bountiful, how He alone can bring to us all the wealth of nature and earth and the spiritual domains. The Mother has poured her nectar in my heart, transformed the poison that was in it and made it a running fountain from which her sweetness flows silently over the barren rocky, rich and fertile soils without preference, without choice, with its delight of existence and fulfillment. We have read in Scriptures that the Divine is seated in the mystic center of the heart in the solar plexus. There is hidden in that sanctuary the rose of God. Yes, it is true, her Presence and perfume, her sweetness and her light flow out from that center and inun­date the whole being in order to transform this insensitive mind into a divine substance. It is said in the Scriptures that the sleepless power, the Transcendent Divine, the Eternal, the Supreme Shakti, the Supreme Power, Para-Shakti, the one original Power is housed in the thousand-petal lotus at the crown of the head. Our Rishis and Seers are absolutely right, the Mother has broken the golden lid, that separates our life from the divine life, the intellect from the sun of truth: not by any human effort or tapasya could this ever have been achieved.

Now I know, She is the Eternal, the One and the Original Power, Adya-Shakti. She has revealed to me in Her and through Her the most sublime form of the Creator, that supreme light which She ever is. " She is, She was, and She will be " is a very ancient declaration but more true is her proclamation in Devi Parana " I alone exist in this universe, who else is there apart from Me" The Mother has revealed the true face of the Eternal. She alone is and there is no one else. This ceaseless mystic procession of myriads of names, faces and forms is her triumphal march through eternal time.

There is only one being, one will, one existence and one single rapture of movement. It is only through her grace, her infinite compassion that we have been permitted to see, feel and know the Divine as He is or as He has been experienced by the great Seers and Rishis throughout the ages. It is She who has made the Divine Presence real and concrete in our consciousness. It is She who has brought us out once for all from the chaos, disorder, agony and frustration, unre­lenting struggle and conflict within and without by revealing to us the true face of the Eternal. Having seen Her, we have seen and above all felt the Eternal, the Friend, the Guide, the Mother and we have entered into the constant vision and awareness of the Divine who forever is everything, everywhere.

Blessed be the sacred name of the Mother Divine, so humble, so simple, so magnificently divine and who is always now present and real to our consciousness. Without Her we have no reality, no existence.

Her name is truly written luminously on each petal of rose.

O Mother Divine Thy love and benediction for one and all forever and ever

Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Niranjan Guha Roy -1978



O Wonder Spiritof Beauty

O wonder Spirit of Beauty, Joy and Harmony,
Asleep in the mystic chamber of the aspiring soul,
Awake and spread wide your peaceful wings
On our warring passions, senseless thoughts and actions.
Let our mind be a vast sanctuary of unbroken felicity.
Let our emotions be warm and sustained notes of vibrating strings.
Let our actions be at good times, at odd times, a symphony of solidarity.

O wonder Spirit of Beauty, Joy and Harmony,
Strip away from our heart, mind, body and soul,
The hard layers of ugly violence, endless cruel suffering
And release the dancing fountains of sparkling song and laughter.
We are as yet only partly divine even at our greatest summit moments,
Waning and waxing like the moon, ever unreliable, inconstant.
The human retreats slowly before the steadily growing Light within.
The age-old prophetic manifests of the Kingdom of God on earth.

O wonder Spirit of Beauty,
Your active Presence is now a reality.
A new muted race still wearing the human face
Glowing with the psychic Fire
Appears on the horizon to change this nightmare
Into an exquisite radiant dream.

N.Guha Roy- 1950-1966

The line of no return

Up till now I have been involved in various activities which may be called as spiritually oriented, keeping the sadhana as a personal affair.  Now I have come to a point where all my values have radically changed.  I have crossed a line of no-return.  The spiritual Ideal of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo has become profoundly real for me.  I do not find any affinity with the human world.  There is an irrevocable break.  A total consecration to the embodiment of the Divine Consciousness has become the only aim and preoccupation in life.  Any project or plan does not interest me in the least.  I feel I have no time to waste.  Up till now my life was made up of half-measures.  Now I realise that only a fundamental change in the consciousness is the sole worthwhile pursuit in life.  These long excursions in various human activities have finally convinced me that they lead nowhere.  Unless the human consciousness is basically transformed, really nothing much is achieved.  There has to be a new approach, an exclusive concentration on the development of yoga - union with the Divine Consciousness.  Nothing less than that would satisfy me.  There is necessarily a change in the outlook of the work.  In the Western World very few people have a real understanding of the process and discipline required for the attainment of the aim of Yoga.    Having sipped a little the nectar of Immortality, the best drink, what the human life can offer seems flat and tasteless.  We set out to find a new Heaven and we have found it.  Of course, it is invisible to the human eye just as the majestic Buddha in meditation is invisible to King Kong.  We are still in the downtown area, not very far from the center.

Transformation of this unhappy Earth into an unimaginable world of light and felicity, beauty and harmony, love and unity is no longer a mere hypothesis or possibility but an inevitable divine destiny.  The sapling of Paradise is yet very tender and young on the earth soil.  All the events are shaping the Oneness to come by breaking down systematically all egoistic and sectarian barriers.  Let us join our prayers for the constant victory of the Mother Divine.

Niranjan Guha Roy