Thy Will be done, Thy Will is the Supreme Benediction, Thy Will is the Divine Love in action.

At every moment the world moves forward a little towards peace and harmony and a greater awakening.
Man as long as he remains man, a mental vital being, a thinker in an animal body is bound to his nature. He is unaware of his soul, unaware of his true mission in life.
The mind substance is too opaque to express the bliss of Oneness, too murky to let through the light, the peace and harmony, the joy and beauty. The spiritual equality cannot settle in his agitated mind and turbulent heart.
Man must renounce his humanity in order to become divine. One cannot be on two banks at the same time, the two banks of the river that separates mind from the Spirit.

Though man is unaware of the Divine, of the spiritual Reality, he has the possibilty of discovering God hidden in the mystic lotus of the heart, deep within.
Everyday somewhere in the world a new lotus bud is blossoming by the touch of the Divine Force radiating from the Mother.
A new Light has illumined our gloomy house of life. All the long accumulated junk and filth have to be thrown away to make room for the haevenly guests wanting to stay with us. Every nook and corner of our being must be thouroughly wiped clean again and again to blot out the least trace of the past ages.
Psychic aspiration brings down from the highest haevens the Force of the Divine Mother which gradually burns and transforms the clay-jar into an unbreakable golden calyx filled with nectar.
Even if we do not see or hear the Mother, She is always in front of us. As our love grows, we feel Her in a hundred ways, gentle and strong.

Om Douce Mère, Thy will be done, Thy Will is our protection
Om Sri Aurobindo saranam mama

Niranjan Guha Roy