Mobile images, endless dreams,
Lives and faces, love, tears and laughters,
A rain - the desert blooms, the wind spreads flavors,
An abundance, arms and legs dancing,
Souls embracing, slow fire, ardent fire, bitter fire,
The night falls, silence is filled with memories.Read more

The Real Idea

The Mother is an embodiment of perfection in the world of relativity. Whatever She does or She says is a frontal aspect of truth. All Her words, if ever even a fragment is conserved by a chronicler, are statements of the Supreme Truth. Each word, each action is an eternity expressed in the infinitesimal. Whatever She does is to prepare us, to lead us to light. Read more

The Bells announce the victory

The Bells announce the victory

Far away from this civilisation where the money is the king, pleasure the only aim, and success the highlight of life. Far away from the relentless fights,
suicidal competitions, from the passion of the blind pride, far away from a society
dominated by the lord of falsehood,invisible, not recognisable, a group of individuals of another race,superhuman beings still children grow in theLight.Read more

prayer to the unknowable presence

The soul sees the Supreme Mother behind the acts of Nature.
The earth becomes the living throbbing body of the Eternal.
A mystic Presence fills the sky and the infinite Space,
An immaterial body made of some absolute consciousness,
Containing limitless oceans of sweet, violent, intolerable,
All-daring, all-conquering, inalterable delight substance
Blots out the concrete material existence to utter
Nothingness, yet the human heart longs for a mortal Divine,
The Supreme incarnate in a human form, close to the soil.Read more

emergence of the psychic being

The most brilliant and even the most sympathetic human beings have not been able to create even a small world of peace, unity, harmony and joy. Not the mind, not even a generous vital consciousness can create peace and harmony in human life, in a community. It is only through the development of the inmost psychic being and its emergence and government of life mind, body that it can create first of all a unified human being normally composed of a large number of mental vital physical personalities and forces. Average man is by his nature unstable he has no control over his life and action. He is moved all the time by deep-seated contradictory elements and his ego. Only in a minority of human, beings a handful, the psychic being is sufficiently developed though not yet a king in full control of his kingdom. The supramental power and consciousness can only make the psychic being fully conscious and powerful enough to become the leader of all the elements in him. It is only the supramental power manifesting in the psychic being that can fundamentally change the human nature and consciousness into a luminous divine being with divine nature and consciousness.
The psyche is waiting for an auspicious hour to wake up in a new world of incredible wonder and irresistible fascination.
Niranjan Guha Roy

The Mystic Dance

The Mystic Dance
When I look at the dark night, I wonder.
Myriads of stars hiding the sleeping God inside,
Waiting to blossom one day as the dry countryside after a rain.
God sleeps in the stone, in bricks, wood and metals,
He rises from the grassy lands with his assuring hands,
He lies under our feet, undisturbed, lives in all the bodies as a Guest.
The inter-galactic space is filled with his life-giving breath.
The sun, moon and the stars and the void,
The million varieties of living forms, invisible beings,
Incalculable forces and movements, broken glasses veil God,
The only indivisible Reality,
In whom there is no past, success, failure or future, timeless,
Filling all time yet not occupying any space, not even a point,
Overflowing the infinite boundless expanses,
In whom there is nothing far, in time or space,
No life or death, none other than himself, companionless,
Ever fulfilled, a bodiless marvel, an inexhaustible opulent existence,
An ocean in movement, a stillness unimaginable.
Myriads of candles twinkling on water, drifting, swirling in circles,
Each one a mighty mystery, an undiminished absolute monarch.
An ever-pure, immaculate splendour holding all in a strong embrace.
Unending dramas on an inscrutable, immobile, constantly shifting,
Rotating, floating deck, sweeping gales, uncontrolled outbursts,
Felicitous eruptions, geysers of perennial light and sweetness,
The mystic dance of the Mother
On the heaving bosom of the Lord in trance.
Niranjan Guha Roy