When the spell of Maya is broken

If the manifestation depended on men, their goodwill, badwill, their refusal or their violent opposition, then nothing would change here. But happily nothing depends on man, his yes or no, his whim  or fancy .Man forgets his Creator , forgets that he is only a puppet , a creation. He is unaware of the secret Divinity who guides his destiny. He is blinded by the power bestowed on him by his generous creator. He weeps, shouts, rebels, fights in a mortal combat God, his persecutor.

The Divinity within remains unshaken, full of love and compassion. Then one day  in a moment of grace, he suddenly has a revelation. - He is nothing, no one, he has no power, he has nothing of his own. He cannot stop his teeth from falling, nor lift his fingers at will! If he desappears from the scene, the world will  go on unaffected. Nothing depends on him. Something else drives him through life. His success and failure are worked out by a Power not his own. The Lord has broken the spell of Maya, now he is really free. There is no one here or anywhere except the unique Divine. This manifestation is His progressive Self-realisation in time. All the beings, forces, events and circumstances are His reflections. His single undivided, undeviating Will is the sole Creator.  Man through an integral surrender of his life, mind and body can become a ray of His blissful Sun, a strain of His music.

Niranjan Guha Roy

Concentrate on the Mother

As we concentrate more and more on the Mother
She will pour Herself in our consciousness
as light, joy, peace, energy and all the riches unknown to us.

When our soul will be like a hot and dry desert aspiring for rain,
then Mother will fill us to the brim and over flow

To be what the Mother Divine wishes us to be is the ultimate Felicity.
A musical instrument for Her use or a carpet under Her feet.
The Eternal Mother is eternally present.
One day we are bound to see Her and remain spellbound


The awakening of the consciousness

is our passport

to the new world


N.Guha Roy