During the last few weeks, I have felt so strongly how our body is constructed almost, one can say, with a perfection for expressing the vital world, all the vital impulses. Our mind is an accomplice of the vital; that is to say, it does everything to realise the vital urge through infinite ways. Our body responds to all the vital suggestions in a spontaneous way and is so much used to these vibrations that if deprived of them, it would rather die than live.Read more

The Light of Intuition

The most difficult thing in the world is to have a true and uncolored opinion and appreciation of oneself, one's capacities, shortcomings, one's desires and even the aspiration. There is always some motive of personal gain or fame or of grandeur or of being admired.Read more

The inward call

Our aspiration for the Divine, in the beginning and for a long time afterwards is coated with inferior elements. To have a pure and simple aspiration for the Divine, to know Him, to be possessed by Him, to belong to Him and to nothing else is an extremely rare spiritual phenomenon. Read more