The Fragrant Rose

The essence of joy and beauty, I offer to every traveler.
I am a fragrant rose, every petal carries the name of the Lord.
Free as the wind, my spirit flies through the borders created by man,
And the quicksands and unstable banks of the powerful rivers.Read more

Mother Divine, lead us

O Mother Divine, take us
From impermanence to the permanence of the Spirit.
From death and disillusion to immortal divine existence.
From broken discontinuous music of life to the ever unfolding supreme divine Symphony.
The unending play of the One with His incalculable selves through Eternity – His Lila.

Lead us, O Mother Divine, from separation to the utter union
with the Origin, the Source, the Supreme Eternal Sweet Mother, Sarvamangala.
The discontinuity of life is the greatest tragedy of the human existence.
All would change if there is a continuity, a deathless life.
When no one is gone, one is not separated from anyone at anytime.

When we live united forever with the One,

when we do not see any other person
Except the One everywhere in everything, in everyone

Then there is no place for any separation or suffering – death and dissolution.
All is an Ocean of Light and Felicity, Harmony,Love and laughter.


2004 - Niranjan Guha Roy

All existence is an adoration

Our soul has become a vast Matrimandir.
All existence is an adoration of the Mother Divine.Read more