Limitations of the mind

Lately I have seen very clearly the greatest opposition to the emergence of the spiritual being in man and in humanity. Whatever we have achieved up until now, that is best, the noblest and the most sublime in the field of art and culture, in commerce, science and technology, in ethics and in religion, even in spirituality is the accomplishment of mind, the mental man or the fundamental man. This mind has an ultimate faith in itself and its powers and capacities and vast latent potentialities. Along with that, it has an abysmal arrogance and an absolute refusal to recognise and even admit the remote possibility that there might be unknown or little known superior ranges of consciousness with an altogether different dimension and dynamics.Read more

The Soul

The soul is neither Indian, nor French, nor dark, nor yellow
It is divine, has no country, no nationality, no religion, no colour.
It is an immortal portion of the Divine taking part in a world - play.
At every new birth, it puts on a new costume and plays its new role.
Forgetting its past, it acts as if it had always been the same person -
The present role for it, is the ultimate reality - such is the yoga-maya.
The soul retains the souvenir in its depths but man is unaware of it.Read more

Meditation – Behind the veil

There is behind this existence of horror, violence, tears
A world of harmony, beauty and inconceivable Magnificence.
There is behind this existence of fight and endless wars
A world of bliss, smile, pure and permanent happiness.
There is behind this existence of greediness, ardent greed
A world of felicity, love, irresistible and fascinating mystery.Read more