Lately I have seen very clearly the greatest opposition to the emergence of the spiritual being in man and in humanity. Whatever we have achieved up until now, that is best, the noblest and the most sublime in the field of art and culture, in commerce, science and technology, in ethics and in religion, even in spirituality is the accomplishment of mind, the mental man or the fundamental man. This mind has an ultimate faith in itself and its powers and capacities and vast latent potentialities. Along with that, it has an abysmal arrogance and an absolute refusal to recognise and even admit the remote possibility that there might be unknown or little known superior ranges of consciousness with an altogether different dimension and dynamics. Even if there is a certain restricted acceptance of such an impossible possibility, that is to say, the existence of another consciousness far beyond its scope and grasp – yet even when the mental man receives some intimations from that superior source, he utterly denies it and totally refuses to apply or utilise that “intuition.” He does not give it a superior place, but doubts it and even if it proves correct a hundred times, he dismisses it as unreliable, as an unworkable knowledge or information. There is another, perhaps the most dangerous aspect of the mental man in his attitude towards anything that claims or pretends to be superior to it, and that is his uncompromising, murderous aggressiveness. The mental man not only discredits the remote possibility of a superior level and power of consciousness, but he is hostile to it and its representatives in an extreme way. Up until now, one might say that the avatars have not succeeded because man ultimately banished and killed all the true representatives very successfully, and what has remained is a mental lustre singing the glory of the mental man and his eternal greatness and supremacy. But, this time, something has happened. The Supreme Consciousness did not come on the earth with a begging bowl asking for the indulgence of the condescending king of earth, the mental man. The Avatars came and they have proposed to man either to ascend to the Truth Consciousness in a blaze of self immolation by submitting himself to the fiery, transforming, transmuting action of the divine consciousness, or a complete extinction, a smothering and paralysis and impotent immobility if he refuses to submit to the higher law of Truth and Light. This is the beginning of the grim battle between the overwhelmingly powerful, ever victorious forces of the divine consciousness and the blind, arrogant, unbelievably self-assured, cruel, brutal and sardonic overlords of mind. This is truly a battle between the burning torches and the haystack, the moth and the strongly blazing wick. Yet, if our attitude be of submission, surrender, collaboration and welcome to the immense blaze of Truth, then, it can gradually descend in a human vessel and transmute it and make it a home for its luminous action and affrm in a visible way its triumphant advent into the terrestrial existence.
Of course, this active Supreme Consciousness has no intention of destroying the race. Being sure of its absolute supremacy, it will gradually transform all the elements that will, even to the smallest extent, admit its transforming action. The elements which cannot support its action will gradually disappear because there will be an ever increasing inner pressure between the forces of Light and the forces of ignorance. Each resisting element will be more and more under tension, as more and more light will come in. At a critical point, each element either allows itself to be transformed or gets eliminated. It is no theory or imagination. There is no question of even justifcation or any ethical or moral question. It is just a simple physical fact, very material in its action. Of course, the process will be spread over many, many centuries and for the clear emergence of the new divine race, we may have to wait a few thousand years. But for the individuals who have glimpsed this truth and aspire for it, and consciously work to embody it, the story is very fascinating – for them the spiritual evolution will be a revolutionary process at a break-neck speed. These beings, if their collaboration is full of good will, whatever their defects and shortcomings and limitations, will be taken up by the Force, shaped and transformed by its thunder and lightning and hurricanes, its burning lava and destructive, fery currents, its sweetness and overpowering transmuting joy and shattering liberating infinite consciousness. These beings would serve as spearheads for this conquering Force. There is only one condition: an absolute surrender to the divine Shakti, an absolute obedience to the divine Master, an absolute aspiration to give up all that is human , dark, limited, ignorant in oneself and in the world. One must be ready to immolate one’s ego utterly, effectively and forever. To live in God, for God and by God, consciously, in the full awakened state of the soul. The signs that the Divine has heard our call and taken it seriously are an emergence into a consciousness where all is Divine. If all the universe were blotted out, the Divine would be there in His absolute concreteness. All the manifestation is the manifestation of the self of the Divine. There is nothing else but the Divine. On the physical level, all the centers or chakras will be fully open, specially one would feel the power and light and joy and consciousness flowing down through the crown of the head into the heart center, into the whole body, in all the centers. This means that the contact with the superconscient has been permanently established. The gradual transformation of the mind, life and the body will be an inevitable, irreversible process spreading over a lifetime or a few lives. But this is just a very, very rudimentary and elementary beginning, though a formidable, luminous beginning. This new power is like a new-born child, it has to grow into infancy, then into youth and then into maturity. By its very birth, it is a royal child, but everything remains to be discovered and manifested. We are told that the first mammals were of the size of a rat when the gigantic dinosaurs were dominating the earth. The same story is being repeated. The new Power with new possibilities, the future conquerors and inhabitants of the earth have a very humble, inconspicuous existence, overshadowed, completely eclipsed by the all-powerful man, the fundamental man with his magnifcent achievements.


Niranjan Guha Roy