The Mother is the Golden Bridge between the Supreme and the soul of man. She came down in an earthly body as the incarnate word of God. She manifested in a frail human body some absolute Power of God.

Every second of her existence has taken the earth light years ahead in its evolution. She has prepared the earth for an inconceivable divine transformation. Her physical form was a point of concentration of the infinite original consciousness which She is eternally. Every moment of her life has been a ceaseless terrible struggle and a fierce painful battle against the formidable powers which rule the earth-nature since the creation in order to lay the foundation of a divine life on earth. Every word She has expressed is a priceless gift of the Supreme to man and earth.
Although now She is no longer present in her body, She is always present everywhere for there is nothing else except Her anywhere. When we are sincere, when we are simple, when we love Her truly, then we become aware of her presence, her tenderness, her help and guidance. To read her books is to communicate with the absolute wisdom. To look at her face in a photo and specially to look into her eyes is to enter into the fathomless heart of divine love. We feel then her all-comprehending sweetness and compassion. No one anywhere can ever give us so profound and lasting satisfaction as when we are with Her. She is so utterly good to everyone without exception that each soul feels fulfilled in her presence.

Love of truth, beauty and harmony will inevitably lead us to the secret Temple in the heart where She is forever installed, in all her glory, her hand always outstretched in the act of blessing. Our little life and existence is no better than the life of a firefly. If we can annul ourselves totally, realise our absolute nothingness then we are admitted into the resplendent vision of the One, the eternal Mother Divine. Verily, all is that Supreme Reality. We become dumb before that supernal Mystery.

O Mother Divine remain bright in my soul, become brighter in my consciousness so that I see only You and no one else.
May we become whatever You want us to be for You always work for our highest good.
May we remember You in every breath of our life for that brings the sweetest intimacy, the silent ecstasy, Om, Om Supreme Goodness.

Niranjan Guha Roy