Remember The Mother


21 February

Remember The Mother, My child

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Galleon of the King

We should allow the Mother Divine to conduct our life, then only we can safely travel towards the future

Fortunate voyagers on the galleon of the King, rejoice, O happy pilgrims,
Long harassed by storms, hunger and privation, waves of passion,
Hunted by marauding pirates through the ages,
Held up by long doldrums of despair and slack sails of emptiness,
Ensnared by the crystalline bays within coral reefs
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Blossom of Light

blossom of light

My soul open thy eyes , watch the long expected birth
Concealed from the vulgar inquisitive sight,
Of the marvellous bloom of tomorrow,
Almost invisible in the shadow of the austere trees
Old as the mountains and self assured of their immunity.

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The Mystic Crypt

A priceless luminous indestructible Diamond,
No, Someone, some Beauty, some death defying Felicity,
Meditating in a hidden mystic crypt down below.

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The Time Spirit

the time spirit
Time shoots forward like an arrow in flight,
Unable to stop, never looing back, burying the dead on all sides,
Not caring for the hordes of lazy laggards and sleepy souls
Unwilling to move forward, unable to remain in the race.

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The Red Barren Hills

When the rains come, the red barren hills
In no time become emerald green,
Covered with grass, weeds, plants, flowers and trees.

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