O wonder Spirit of Beauty

O wonder Spirit of Beauty, Joy and Harmony,
Asleep in the mystic chamber of the aspiring soul,
Awake and spread wide your peaceful wings
On our warring passions, senseless thoughts and actions.
Let our mind be a vast sanctuary of unbroken felicity.
Let our emotions be warm and sustained notes of vibrating strings.
Let our actions be at good times, at odd times, a symphony of solidarity.

O wonder Spirit of Beauty, Joy and Harmony,
Strip away from our heart, mind, body and soul,
The hard layers of ugly violence, endless cruel suffering
And release the dancing fountains of sparkling song and laughter.
We are as yet only partly divine even at our greatest summit moments,
Waning and waxing like the moon, ever unreliable, inconstant.
The human retreats slowly before the steadily growing Light within.
The age old prophetic manifests of the Kingdom of God on earth

O wonder Spirit of Beauty, by your active Presence is now a reality.
A new muted race still wearing the human face glowing with the psychic Fire
Appears on the horizon to change this nightmare into an exquisite, radiant dream.

N.Guha Roy

"The soul cannot be won by the weak."

Very often there is an unrelenting battle between our deepest aspiration and our outer being. Sometimes it become a life and death struggle for the issue involved is serious, that is to say, if our soul wins, then there is likelihood of a most radical change in our life. But this emergence of the soul is being resisted by the established forces in the evolution. There is only one way: not to be afraid. We should throw away all the good suggestions of human wisdom, all the suggestions of the collective human consciousness and just dive with all our courage into the Divine. There are tremendously powerful universal forces which rule the humanity through the highest forms of ethics and morality and religion. They prevent us from approaching the Eternal, the One, who is all, yet beyond all. These forces too are forms of the Eternal, they are there to measure our strength, to examine the sincerity of our aspiration, to test our mind, life and body, to see if these could bear the descent of the Godhead. In a way, they temper the steel in order to forge the sword of God, the steel strings for His harp. A soul which is destined embraces difficulties for increasing his strength, wisdom and capacity. One who chooses an easy and facile path goes nowhere and comes to nothing. When the soul is conscious it automatically chooses daring, dangerous and often seemingly impossible adventures. So let us not ask for the soft path either for ourself or for others if we wish them really good. The few selected by the very nature of the inner law will have to go through the baptism of fire, will have to face the greatest ordeals and must come out victorious. If they fail, that is to say fall, they will have to rise again and again until they can pass through the formidable gates guarded by the mighty angels, entrusted with the work of choosing truly fit vessels for containing the mystic fire, the power and light of the Divine Consciousness. Sri Aurobindo repeats the words of the Upanishad. "The soul cannot be won by the weak."


N.Guha Roy 1984

Our inevitable, most auspicious destiny

 It is the secret destiny of our soul which creates our life and work. The outward circumstances are truly a correct image of our state of consciousness. Our destiny is to grow one day in the divine consciousness. As the inner light grows, our life takes constantly a new orientation. The physical mind of man, his animal vitality and the body created from an inert unconscious matter, are like so many impenetrable walls which prevent the soul from shining through them.  At this stage, whatever we see in human life, in the race, is the creation by the mind. The mind lives in separation, in division. It arrives at a unity by adding different elements. It tries to express unity through a uniformity. It cannot have an idea of Infinity. For the mind, Infinity is an indefinite ceaseless extension of number, of space and time. The mind has not, does not possess the natural sense and vision of absolute indivisible unity and oneness.

The apparent unconciousness is a conscious voluntary limitation of his own manifestation for his own play and joy of existence. Gold never ceases to be gold, whatever form or colour we give to it. Now the Divine has decided in his sweet will to manifest himself more completely. This He is doing, and nothing and no one can prevent him from doing it. Our personal will for or against the divine manifestation in ourselves, in others and the world, is absolutely of no consequence. Whether we like it or not, the soul in us will grow and we shall become divine only when He decides the moment. The human ego is a strong bandage over the eyes of the growing divinity in us. When the Mother Divine decides in Her playful fancy to remove it from our eyes, we shall emerge in the eternal blissful light, and recognise our one and unique Mother and the divine Source and Origin. This is our inevitable, most auspicious destiny in a thousand years.


N.Guha Roy 1988