Listen With Your Heart

My heart is like a huge cathedral, a temple rising to the sky,
Illumined with Love, filled with the perfume of Love.
Softly resounding with the organ-choir music of Love.
An invisible breeze refreshing, healing all the agonies and wounds
Greets one and all, good ones, bad ones, prophets and monsters,
The sick and healthy, the nuns and harlots, the hard and the gentle ones
With a silent adoring Love which sees the Divine in all.

The cathedral Temple needs constant expansion in all direction
To house birds, animals, living beings on land, sea and air,
For whom to reject: In the tiniest worm and flower and pebble
Shines the Lord, the Great One who puts on the humblest robes.
Love circulates unseen through all hearts, unhindered by any wall.
Your violence, selfishness, blind littleness, your grief and shame
Will disappear forever, if you come out of your cocoon in the open,
Break the rock fortress of ego, your self-made prison of hatred,
Anger, disdain, your born distrust of others, even of your own brother.

Love in disguise is at your door begging,
Invite the Stranger to your table.
Darkness will be swallowed up by the radiant yet soothing Love,
Division cured by Love,
Becomes myriad souls throbbing with a single impulse.
Suffering faints in the mighty embrace of a sublimating sweetness,
The psyche in man and beast, plant and stone
Yearns for Love day and night.

Love is knocking at your door.
Listen with your heart.
Welcome the Mother.


N.Guha Roy 1998

The aim is to embody the New Consciousness not to perfect human life

Our sole exclusive aim in life is to rise out of our present unhappy, obscure and confused state of consciousness into the divine luminous blissful consciousness, the gnostic or the Supramental consciousness brought down in the earth evolution by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.  The Supreme Shakti, the Divine transforming Force is constantly pressing down on all existence here on earth for the creation of a new divine race.  Naturally all those who consciously aspire for the Divine consciousness will be helped in every possible way by the Supreme Mother Force.  These beings will be in one way or other put into contact with people having similar aspiration. Individually or collectively in small groups they will practice the integral yoga elaborately developed by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.  The essence of the yoga can be expressed in a few words.  There cannot be any change, let alone the supramental transformation without the descent and regular flow of the Mother Force from above into the surrendered adhara.  The Force will eliminate, replace and transform all that is human, obscure and undivine in us and gradually create in man, the image of the Divine.  The process is very long, extremely difficult, even dangerous because we desperately cling to our congenital human ignorant imperfections.  Where the psychic being is developed, well crystallised, the Power can relatively more easily transform the obstinate recalcitrant ignorant elements in the being.  There must be a constant one-pointed call from below to the Supreme Mother Force above our head and beyond for with Her luminous descent, this impossible transformation becomes not only possible but is slowly realised.

When we see the Eternal, All-Blissful, absolute Perfection in all things, beings and forces and happenings behind the thickest, the most perverting disguises and coverings, then only our seeing is the right seeing and our relation to the Eternal All-Blissful Divine is an unbroken delight and adoration.

Men and women running in all directions in frenzy and utter confusion propelled by ignorant, violent passions and desires in search of a satisfying drink to quench their fiery thirst, hurting, wounding, destroying others while all the time each one has in his depths an inexhaustible fountain of Amritam, the divine immortal delight-filled nectar.  O Mother Divine, by Your magic touch, remove the heavy stone sitting on the mouth of this hidden inner fountain and transform this scorched earth into a paradise of heavenly blooms.

It is impossible to see, even imagine the Divine working in the world with our limited human consciousness.  We always see and judge at best with our moral ideas of good and bad, divine and undivine, right and wrong.  We do not see the world as a progressive manifestation of the Divine, who is the constituting element of everything in existence.  The mind at present is the highest power of consciousness in the entire human race with the exception of an insignificant minority where the Divine is preparing the instruments for the manifestation of the Supramental.  We are not here to perfect the humanity or the human life but to embody this new Consciousness with the constant guidance and all-powerful help of the Mother Divine.  It is an extremely difficult adventure in a hostile violent world.  The victory comes in peace and silence of the Divine union.

Le nouveau corps - The new body

Niranjan Guha Roy 2000