On Beauty

Spiritually, beauty has a purifying, tranquilising, curative effect on human beings;

Beauty in its sublime form can awaken and set aflame an aspiring soul

The Perpetual Change

All the barriers, the frontiers burst,

My consciousness has become a free field without border.

The limits of my existence disappear in a living Infinity.

There is nobody, nothing separated from me... uncountable images,

Thousand reflexions of a broken Sun dance on waves
Everything changes, everything moves, nothing is stable even for a moment
Endless symphonies drop, in a mad speed,
Dying harmonies welcome young rhapsodies.

God advances in giant steps
Yesterday falls in the Nothingness.
Dawn is born with a new face more seducing everyday.
To morrow waits in the wings, impatient.
Past remains still as a strong aroma hanging on the decor of a museum.

My soul dazzled with the long swells coming from the unknown
Allows itself to be rocked in a total abandon to the Divine Will.
Everything changes, everything moves, nothing is stable.
Yesterday is gone forever , gobbled up in the Mystery.
Today is fainting in the enticing embrace of the night which.
The dawn will return tomorrow with her moving surprises.

O my soul, welcome your faithful Love
Who returns with a still new, different face.
Immobile Reality, You are the infaillible constant Presence
O Mother Divine
Magnificent always smiling Mother.

The fire burning

The moment one feels 

A fire burning haevenwards in oneself,

The divine destiny is inevitably fixed.

paintings - the lord


The Captain

Le Pouvoir Tranquille - The tranquill Power


The Voice we dream

Let us follow the Voice we dream.

When we have confidence in Her,

The Mother leads us by the hand.

The future desappears

Into an attractive unexplored Mystery

The enchanted track


There is only She.

The soul does not look for rest,

But enticed, irresistibly drunk,

She dashes on the enchanted track

Of the Eternal Mother

Vibration of the Supreme

Each one

Is a special, unic, incomparable

Vibration of the Supreme

The Magic Circle

Step for a moment in a magic circle of dream and reality
Where all is joy and peace, harmony and an unbroken song of Eternity.
Behind the mask and beyond the mind,
That is Reality

She is still around

She is still around, never gone,
May stand in front of the seeker in a revealing hour,
Changing forever his destiny with a smile.

She is still around,
Distributing Her love and blessings
Day and night.