When Thou art there, what need have I of anthing else!

When Thou art there ,what need have I of anything else,
Foy You are the unimaginable, inexhaustible Splendor
And Treasure eternal infinite.
Give us shelter in a little corner of Your mansion,
Boundless, immeasurable, timeless, breathing living body
Of the bodiless One.

Amazement upon amazement piled sky high, blissful.
O Lord, Thou art all, each one, everyone and ever.
There is no one apart from Thee here or anywhere.
All is Thy play.
An eternal unending felicity binds us all in Thy embrace

You send down the rays of a New sun
Penetrating our brain, every cell of our body.
As our surrender grows, You pour Yourself more and more
Into our heart, mind, body and soul
And become the luminous, blissful, compassionate
Sovereign of our life.

When we feel the thrill of immortal bliss in all touches,
When we see nothing, no one but the supreme auspicious
Divine Presence, the unique Reality, infinite, eternal,
The ever triumphant Sweet Mother and Her own incalculable selves,
Then and then only we are free.


N. Guha Roy

Two giant stars have touched the earth during a century

Two giant stars have touched the earth
During a century, irradiated all that exists,
Raised hurricanes, waves high as mountains,
Swept continents, calmed the madness of men,
Widened narrow spirit, freed the soul of the earth,
Sowed golden seeds in striving hearts.

The endless painful night of falsehood ends.
A new sun appears in the sky of the soul
Which always shines and never sleeps.
These stars went away far, very far.
The earth is covered with their golden, radiant dust.
But Glory is not any more there,
Magnificence is only a recollection.
By the window of the dream, one can again catch
Some beams of the disappeared Light, some outlines
Of this Epiphany, this sublime drama which takes place
Unnoticed, in occult, inaccessible domains to the mortal.

The Mother is always present,
Smiling in front of the awakened soul

N. Guha Roy

Someone great mysterious, illusive, irresistible fascinating lives in the flickering flame of a death-bound body. Who is this one who shines through the opaque clay?

Someone great mysterious, illusive, irresistible fascinating lives in the flickering flame of a death-bound body. Who is this one who shines through the opaque clay? Who is that miracle holding together this ephemeral frame of flesh and bones, this brittle animated skeleton of deathless hope!
What a marvellous face with mobile eyes, brows, lips and cheeks reflecting a thousand moods of an open boundless colourful ocean and far more, love and hate, tenderness and crimson fury of passion, peace of eternity, blazing fire of angry heavens, painful sunsets and the rapture of rising suns, and that bewitching beauty of a smile, that magic flash of a paralysing delight which leaves each time strong indelible ravine-marks on the polished granite of my memories.

O Unseizable Wonder peering at me from every corner unseen, piercing my body-cells and nerves with javelins of felicity sharp and sweet, Your gaze of ravishing mystery calling me from every eyes on every side, allow me to live always in Your company and become divine as You are.

You give me so much and ever more, I have no place to store. My world is overflowing with Your priceless bounty.
As a shameless beggar, I have knocked hard at Your door. You have opened the floodgates of Your love and blessings pouring on me, drowning me, sweeping and driving me along towards some challenging long-term delightful adventure.

Let Your Love, the greatest Power in creation be my sole Guide,
Love that ignores all boundaries, compels people to unite, work together
To build a new world free from violence, a world of peace and harmony,
A world growing everyday more conscious of its unique divine Origin.
Let Your Love that heals, purifies, works in silence be my only Force


Niranjan Guha Roy