The vase of God

There is a dense veil in our consciousness which prevents us from seeing the existence in the true light. Our beginning is accidental, microscopic. We are really nothing but zero , yet we live in the illusion of a false capacity and power of our own. We are just a vase formed by the artist God in a fanciful moment for His delight. We are what we are only by His Grace. We shall be only what He has intended us to be. If we let go of the illusion of our personal authority and surrender to the Divine in a simple, humble way - "Thy will be done" then a loving and unerring Hand begins to organise our life and action. All the time we should be in a peaceful attitude of receptivity. Every time we do what we deeply feel as the right thing to do in the Presence of the Mother, we take a bound forward. Our capacity of discrimination constantly increases. Fear disappears. Since She is our Mother, She knows best what is good for us, and whatever She does for us is for our highest good. She is the best judge of what is good for us. So we must not burden Her with our unillumined demands and desires, but be content with whatever She gives us or decides for us. We must have confidence in the Mother. She is far, far above the human beings and their ignorant ways. She only wants to take us out of our dark, ignorant and painful consciousness.

When I am in the right consciousness, then I feel Her presence all around me,filling the earth and the sky, filling me with a profoundly sweet happiness. Nothing matters at that moment. Even death becomes unreal and meaningless. What a blessing if we could live always in that consciousness! I see how everything is bound to change. Nothing can stop this transformation. The Mother, that infinite sweetness and love, is our real substance. It is just a question of time. As soul after soul will be awakened by Her magic touch, a new race, a new earth will be born. We must forget our little, miserable, insignificant life, and become aware of the magnificent Glory that is eternally around us.

Let us allow That to penetrate us, purify us, prepare us as its instruments for Her manifestation. Our sole aspiration is to be as much as possible conscious of it; to be guided and moved by it as fully as possible. All our acts are a means of expressing our joy and gratitude to the Divine Mother.
Let us remain very peaceful and inwardly  keep the fire burning

Niranjan Guha Roy 1989




The Red Barren Hills

When the rains come, the red barren hills
In no time become emerald green,
Covered with grass, weeds, plants, flowers and trees.

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The creation of the divine race

I have understood, rather realised, something profoundly fundamental. It is the descent of the supramental consciousness which will create the divine race and the divine life on earth. It is the dynamic Truth Power of the Divine, now active on the earth which will manifest the divine consciousness in the souls long prepared by it in the course of evolution. The descent of the Supramental consciousness will naturally result in the manifestation of a supramental world on earth, just as the descent of the mental consciousness or the mind resulted in the manifestation of human beings. The human world will remain human with a possibility for perfection, but the main preoccupation of the Supramental Power is the transformation of the beings who are ready and not so much the salvation of humanity. These beings will naturally move away from the human society and try to gather islands of Light. There may be only a few islands in the beginning. We are only at the initial stage of the evolution. The Mother and Sri Aurobindo embodied the Supramental consciousness and made the descent possible. Throughout their life, they have helped and prepared many souls to receive the higher consciousness. They continue the work as the supreme Godheads of the Supramental manifestation. By a growing aspiration and an increasing surrender, we shall participate in the creation of a Supramental world on earth. The Divine will takes each aspiring soul to the destined place, It is the manifestation of a new divine world, not the transformation of the old human world.

A supramental being must descend in the soul just as a mental being descended in the evolved monkey. It is, in fact, the descent of the Mother in the aspiring souls which makes the manifestation of the life divine possible and inevitable. The descent of the Mother Power is gradual and its results are irreversible, and sooner or later the soul which has received the touch of Grace will rise out of humanity to his new found divinity. Our sole duty and work is to receive the descending rays and currents and forces of the Supramental Consciousness. Without this descent there is no transformation, no fundamental change. But in the beginning, the Power works for a long time behind the veil and as our aspiration becomes sincere and one pointed, the veil disappears and one can consciously feel the inflow of the Divine Power and Light. Gradually the Mother Force replaces our conscious effort and pours Herself more and more in the consecrated instrument.

From that point, our divine destiny is assured by the Supramental Mahashakti. We become witness of a vast miraculous process of transformation of the human consciousness into a radiant, limitless, infinite divine consciousness. We are in the arms of the Eternal Mother, never to be separated again. Her Presence fills every nook and corner of our life, every bit of the boundless ocean and sky forever. This is the magnificent destiny of every soul who aspires to be a true child of the Mother.

Niranjan Guha Roy 1989