Lead me on, O Great Spirit,

I have left behind the familiar shores,
Lakes and torrents, harmless shallow river ways.
All around me is the strange, thrilling Ocean.

O Eagle, Friend Powerful
Cover my perilous journey with your vigilant eyes.

Higher than the highest peaks of mind which no man can climb,

Deeper than the deepest abyss of life, which no diving whale can fathom,
Further than the fancy’s utmost extended range,
Waits the New World of million-toned harmony.

My keel is on the uncharted Ocean
I have thrown all useless cargo overboard.
Heaven’s blessings, the pouring rains have cleansed my deck
Of the petrified slime of the ages.
Each moment is a near disaster in the adventure of the Unknown
But for You, O Knower of the unmarked open sea-lanes.

Beyond the treacherous submerged knife-sharp ridges
Lies the Promised Land where the Golden Sun does not set.

O Great Spirit, My Captain,
I have faith i
n your skill, wisdom, power and courage.

Lead me on, O Great Spirit, I am wholly yours,

I fully trust you.
The wheel of my destiny is safe in your


The manifestation and action of Anandamayi

When I came to the Ashram in 1945, I was already strongly conscious of the supreme existence of the Mother-Force directing the evolution of man on earth but I had no communication with Her, no personal contact. When I saw the Mother in the Ashram for the first time, I realised She was the Divine Mother of my dreams and all my painful seekings came to an end. Then began the yoga of transformation, the ceaseless march through terrible nights and glorious days, layers ansd layers of our animal and demoniac nature and luminous heights were exposed. An unrelenting prolonged war never won or concluded even today. Because once there is acheived some stability in the individual consciousness, there begins another enormous world-war. Now day and night one has to fight for the liberation of humanity chained  cruelly to ignorance and unbearable suffering. There cannot be any true individual salvation without the deliverance of our big human family. But it is no longer our personal battle and unequal struggle.

The world Mother is our Warrior-Queen who is waging the war against ignorance, suffering, cruelty and violence which dominate our unhappy stricken race by showering and pouring on earth the deluge of Her all-conquering force of peace, harmony, love and beauty. She is seeking strong, courageous absolutely faithful, conscious and unfaltering egoless instruments for Her own manifestation, permanent physical presence even in a diminished degree to carry on Her labour of love of transforming the obscure human soul  into a luminous godhead. At the moment this is Her central work - to shape, prepare and create perfected instruments for Her own direct manifestation in some human vessels capable of holding the divine nectar of immortality without falling to pieces. Only the beatifique manifestation of Anandamayi will gradually unfold and create the new divine life on the rock-foundation laid by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The Supramental Mahashakti is constantly present in the earth atmosphere but our bodies are made of clay and break down into pieces at its least touch. So She has undertaken the primary work of shaping strong unbreakable jars capable of holding the sacred fiery Soma. Only an absolute surrender of everytghing in our being with unwavering faith, love, gratitude , an utter confidence in the Mother Divine and Her action will allow us to become a worthy residence of the Mother. When She is with us everyday becomes spring-paradise with flowers, colours, perfumes, laughterr, love , songs, dance and divine rapture.

O Mother may we cease to exist and become an enchanted harp in Your hands

Om Douce Mère saranam mama Om Sri Aurobindo saranam mama

Pranam, pranam, pranam

N.Guha Roy

The One manifested in million masks

There is a great joy, a pure delight in wishing the very best for everyone.
To realise that each being is a manifestation of the supreme mystery,
the ever unknowable Divine is to find back the lost sight.

The Almighty has become the lame one, the weak one the wicked one, the dumb and the ugly one.

Each one is a deformed representation of the highest One deformed only in appearance,.
Because he has put on rags he does not become a beggar. The soul is always a prince or princess.
The perfect one has put on mask of perversion, darkness and obscurity, measureless imperfection.

He who is perfect has undertaken the immense journey
from falsehood to truth, from darkness to light, from death to immortality.
He has hidden himself in the drapery of matter.

All around us is the constant miracle of a ravishing play.
Who is this one, Who is that one, a name, a face easily forgotten ?
No,it is a glimpse of the face of the unknown unborn Spirit.

O boundless love unite us all.
O imperishable light give us the true sight.

N.Guha Roy

Only the Divine Love can redeem

This situation is again a reminder for us of the basic problem of life an uncertain, unreliable, fragile body or frame constantly exposed to disease and accident and progressive decomposition leading to death. In principle we have the key given by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. The new power cannot work in order to perpetuate the present humanity, the human in us. It will not become operative, it will not act unless we are willing to surrender our humanity, its obscurity and ignorance, its animal life, its ego bound existence. The new life cannot be realised within the human framework. For the aspirant to the divine life, it is very important to understand that nothing in him must hanker even in the least degree after the human existence. He must utterly renounce the human world, if to live the divine life be his intention. One who is fortunate to have a glimpse of the divine life, its peace and joy, its beauty and harmony, its vast unity, its abiding sense of infinity, the concreteness of eternity and above all, the fulfilling experience of the divine Presence, feel no difficulty at all in giving up the human existence. But for most, the fascination of the human love and relation seems to be the insuperable difficulty. A thousand times deceived and duped, tortured and humiliated, torn to shreds and massacred, love seems to survive in the human breast. Be it blessed. For the human love, though disfigured and made ugly and brutal beyond recognition, has its origin in the divine love. It is only the divine love that can redeem it and release it from its dreadful limitations. It is only the true divine love descending from the transcendental heights that can transform matter progressively. It descends if there is an exclusive call to the Divine. In simple words, all our love must be turned exclusively to the Divine and only then there can be a. transforming response from Above.
Our whole being must be unified in a single call for the Divine. The Divine must become the sole reality by the breaking down of all veils and barriers. In every being and thing we meet the one limitless Person, the Friend and the Beloved, the Mother and the Source. Our heart, mind, body and soul join in a single yearning for the constant flow of love that streams from Anandamayi, the Mother of Love and Felicity. When She descends, then matter at her contact will gradually undergo the divine transformation. May we live for Thee alone, O Divine Mother.


Niranjan Guha Roy


Paintings- faces, reflexion of the soul




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The Benevolent


The Innocence




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