There is a great joy, a pure delight in wishing the very best for everyone.
To realise that each being is a manifestation of the supreme mystery,
the ever unknowable Divine is to find back the lost sight.

The Almighty has become the lame one, the weak one the wicked one, the dumb and the ugly one.

Each one is a deformed representation of the highest One deformed only in appearance,.
Because he has put on rags he does not become a beggar. The soul is always a prince or princess.
The perfect one has put on mask of perversion, darkness and obscurity, measureless imperfection.

He who is perfect has undertaken the immense journey
from falsehood to truth, from darkness to light, from death to immortality.
He has hidden himself in the drapery of matter.

All around us is the constant miracle of a ravishing play.
Who is this one, Who is that one, a name, a face easily forgotten ?
No,it is a glimpse of the face of the unknown unborn Spirit.

O boundless love unite us all.
O imperishable light give us the true sight.

N.Guha Roy