When I came to the Ashram in 1945, I was already strongly conscious of the supreme existence of the Mother-Force directing the evolution of man on earth but I had no communication with Her, no personal contact. When I saw the Mother in the Ashram for the first time, I realised She was the Divine Mother of my dreams and all my painful seekings came to an end. Then began the yoga of transformation, the ceaseless march through terrible nights and glorious days, layers ansd layers of our animal and demoniac nature and luminous heights were exposed. An unrelenting prolonged war never won or concluded even today. Because once there is acheived some stability in the individual consciousness, there begins another enormous world-war. Now day and night one has to fight for the liberation of humanity chained  cruelly to ignorance and unbearable suffering. There cannot be any true individual salvation without the deliverance of our big human family. But it is no longer our personal battle and unequal struggle.

The world Mother is our Warrior-Queen who is waging the war against ignorance, suffering, cruelty and violence which dominate our unhappy stricken race by showering and pouring on earth the deluge of Her all-conquering force of peace, harmony, love and beauty. She is seeking strong, courageous absolutely faithful, conscious and unfaltering egoless instruments for Her own manifestation, permanent physical presence even in a diminished degree to carry on Her labour of love of transforming the obscure human soul  into a luminous godhead. At the moment this is Her central work – to shape, prepare and create perfected instruments for Her own direct manifestation in some human vessels capable of holding the divine nectar of immortality without falling to pieces. Only the beatifique manifestation of Anandamayi will gradually unfold and create the new divine life on the rock-foundation laid by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The Supramental Mahashakti is constantly present in the earth atmosphere but our bodies are made of clay and break down into pieces at its least touch. So She has undertaken the primary work of shaping strong unbreakable jars capable of holding the sacred fiery Soma. Only an absolute surrender of everytghing in our being with unwavering faith, love, gratitude , an utter confidence in the Mother Divine and Her action will allow us to become a worthy residence of the Mother. When She is with us everyday becomes spring-paradise with flowers, colours, perfumes, laughterr, love , songs, dance and divine rapture.

O Mother may we cease to exist and become an enchanted harp in Your hands

Om Douce Mère saranam mama Om Sri Aurobindo saranam mama

Pranam, pranam, pranam

N.Guha Roy