I have left behind the familiar shores,
Lakes and torrents, harmless shallow river ways.
All around me is the strange, thrilling Ocean.

O Eagle, Friend Powerful
Cover my perilous journey with your vigilant eyes.

Higher than the highest peaks of mind which no man can climb,

Deeper than the deepest abyss of life, which no diving whale can fathom,
Further than the fancy’s utmost extended range,
Waits the New World of million-toned harmony.

My keel is on the uncharted Ocean
I have thrown all useless cargo overboard.
Heaven’s blessings, the pouring rains have cleansed my deck
Of the petrified slime of the ages.
Each moment is a near disaster in the adventure of the Unknown
But for You, O Knower of the unmarked open sea-lanes.

Beyond the treacherous submerged knife-sharp ridges
Lies the Promised Land where the Golden Sun does not set.

O Great Spirit, My Captain,
I have faith i
n your skill, wisdom, power and courage.

Lead me on, O Great Spirit, I am wholly yours,

I fully trust you.
The wheel of my destiny is safe in your