All the oppressive darkness, cruelty, violence and monstruous falsehood of the world entered into the body of the Mother like so many deadly polluted rivers into a boundless ocean of light and felicity. Whatever touched Her got transmuted by the living fire of Her incandescent love. Her every thought, feeling, word, action and gesture was an infaillible power of transformation; Her touch, a mystical communion, a healing soothing blessing, a magical opening of hidden doors and passages leading the soul to God and His eternities of splendour. Constantly, She brought down new powers from the concealed superconscient heavens and laid the foundation of the life divine in a world of death and disaster.

She has given up Her mortal body and gone. But where can She go, the One who is all this infinite existence and infinitely more!

“Who else is there in this universe or elsewhere apart from Me!” Thus She proclaims to the aspiring soul.  She is here, there, everywhere. All these myriad forms and beings moving in time and space, in all dimensions are Her constantly shifting images. Whatever we see, dream, imagine, all that we tear, break and throw away, all that we love and enjoy is Herself. Nobody knows Her origin. She is self-born, eternal, infinite. She is alxways exploring Her pown impenetrable depths. She is always with us.

The dark and dangerous world has desappeared like fog in the sun. Each name, each face is a mystic symbol-image of a mysterious Stranger yet so living, so intimate, a Person so familiar. Everyday I discover how marvelously wonderful She was and is forever. We live eternally enclosed in Her love and protecting warmth.

May we remember You always and always

Accept our grateful pranam.

Niranjan Guha Roy