Men and women suffer, enjoy themselves, knife each other and dance.
The next day starts again the infernal round of dance.
Some love war, ruin, the drunkenness of the violence.
Some relieve and cure the wounds of the others.
Each one in his turn is sometimes a rescuer, sometimes a murderer.
The groups are in confrontation all the time pushed by passion.

But the earth is beautiful, rich and lavishes its kindness without counting
Without second thought for the devils as for the saints.
People through ages sprayed the earth with their plentiful blood.
Others, dreamers, create immense temples to their favorite gods.
In the name of the Creator, man did not stop killing his brothers and sisters.
Can one turn away from a deaf person who hears not a word or sound!
Can one reprimand a man incapable to control his passion and desires!
The God in him is only a vague image; the animal is still strong, terrible.
The man in spite of his absurd claims is only a weak, precarious being.
He is a product, a creation of Nature, such as the horse and the monkey.
He is still blind, deaf, violent, incapable of organizing his destiny.
Nature cannot content itself with a failure so blatant, so disheartening.

Behind the appearance of an inevitable tragic fate of human race,
There is an eternal patient maternal power, the luminous Love
At work without rest in the mystic heart of the people.
Dogs do not see either the beauty of Venus,
Or the greatness of the Buddha.
Man does not perceive the divine Reality nor the children of Light.

Free of desire, exempt from any animal passions, luminous, peaceful,
United by the Divine Love, moved by the Divine Will,
These children conscious of the unique Infinite Divine Mother,
Grow, nourished by the Truth.
Their inexhaustible joy, their beauty,
Kindness and frank laughter will abolish
The cruel reign of the false, long dreadful nightmare.

The freed earth will cry with joy
As a child who has found his Mother.


Niranjan Guha Roy