Let us be peaceful and pray

The promise of the Divine Life on earth made by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother  is not a mirage in the desert but more true than our own existence, existence of the sun and moon and the material universe.

Let us be peaceful and find in the soul our infaillible leader and guide the Sweet Mother waiting to manifest in our mind, life and body.

Let us pray with love and humility in a call for the savior Light, then the miracle will happen and all the crushing stone walls around our soul will fall away like a castle of cards and we will emerge from the darkness into a glorious everlasting Light , on the soothing bosom of the Mother Divine.

Let us pray, the road is long but the miracle is the order of the day. In an instant, the prison will transform itself into a high sky-kissing Temple to the Mother Divine.

Let us pray with love and trust, She will Herself remove the stone blindness from our eyes and we will see the everlasting bliss of the Mother's smile.

The journey is rough through tempest and hurricanes on a sea gone mad, but we are on an unsinkable boat steered by the Divine Mother Herself.

Let us have no fear whatsoever. Her blessings are our armour, force and corage.

Salute to our Mother, our all victorious Captain now and ever.

Om Sri Aurobindo, give us strenght, courage and faith to follow the Mother to the end.

Pranam, pranam, pranam


Prière - Prayer

Prayer : Give us a new heart

O Mother Divine,

Give us a new heart of deep unchanging sympathy for all men and animals.
May we feel  the divine Presence in the hardest stone,
See Your living image in all forms living and inanimate.

May we love and adore You in all however disguised You may be.
May I never forget that You alone existe, eternal and infinite
And that apart from You there is no one else, here or anywhere.

Fill my heart with true love and devotion.

May I love You in all for everyone is really our marvellous Sweet Mother,
The Noble Lady forever kind and smiling playing Her enjoyable game.

When our heart will be full of love for Her, all sorrow will fade away from our soul
And we will emerge into a vast blissful Radiance forever free from all sufferings.

Hallowed be Thy name, Om Anandamayi
Om Sri Aurobindo saranam mama

Niranjan Guha Roy

The Sovereign of our life


You send down the rays of a New Sun 
Penetrating our brain, every cell of our body.
As our surrender grows,
You pour Yourself more and more into our heart, mind, body and soul
And become the luminous , blissful, compassionate Sovereign of our life.

When we feel the thrill of immortal bliss in all touches,
When we see nothing, no one but the auspicious divine Presence,
The unique Reality, the ever triumphant Sweet Mother

Then, and then only we are free.


When She is with us, everyday becomes spring-paradise
With flowers, colors, perfumes, laughter,songs, dance and divine rapture.
O Mother, may we cease to exist and become enchanted harp in Your hands.


Prayer to the Supreme Mother

The soul sees the Supreme Mother behind the acts of Nature.
The earth becomes the living throbbing body of the Eternal.
A mystic Presence fills the sky and the infinite Space,
An immaterial body made of some absolute consciousness,
Containing limitless oceans of sweet, violent, intolerable,
All-daring, all-conquering, inalterable delight substance
Blots out the concrete material existence to utter
Nothingness, yet the human heart longs for a mortal Divine,
The Supreme incarnate in a human form, close to the soil.
Love in the soul demands an ideal Image to adore.

O Mother Divine, Thou art enthroned in my inmost soul,
Even then my earthly nature yearns for Thy visible Presence
In all its glory embodied in a breathing frame of clay.

O Mother Divine manifest Thy radiance in a human instrument.
May I see Thy supreme body of heavenly light and rapture,
More concrete than matter in all beings and things at all times.
Thy Face, my priceless treasure, Thy hands, my source of energy,
Thy feet, my secure refuge, Thy Presence, the whole meaning
Of my existence. I do not know anyone else but Thyself.
Heaven has no charm for me. Any personal salvation
I do not seek. In Thee I have found all I need in life.
Take possession of my body, life, mind and soul,
Until Thou alone art alive in this clay mould.
At least fill me up with the victorious love divine,
So that I may love Thee, serve Thee in all I meet.
Ignite a huge fire in my soul, the thirst of a burning desert,
An unsatisfied yearning which will keep me running
Through eternity in pursuit of Thy unknowable Presence,
In all forms and beings from the tiniest specks of life
To the most magnificent divinities in the highest heavens.


Niranjan Guha Roy