O Mother Divine,

Give us a new heart of deep unchanging sympathy for all men and animals.
May we feel  the divine Presence in the hardest stone,
See Your living image in all forms living and inanimate.

May we love and adore You in all however disguised You may be.
May I never forget that You alone existe, eternal and infinite
And that apart from You there is no one else, here or anywhere.

Fill my heart with true love and devotion.

May I love You in all for everyone is really our marvellous Sweet Mother,
The Noble Lady forever kind and smiling playing Her enjoyable game.

When our heart will be full of love for Her, all sorrow will fade away from our soul
And we will emerge into a vast blissful Radiance forever free from all sufferings.

Hallowed be Thy name, Om Anandamayi
Om Sri Aurobindo saranam mama

Niranjan Guha Roy