The promise of the Divine Life on earth made by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother  is not a mirage in the desert but more true than our own existence, existence of the sun and moon and the material universe.

Let us be peaceful and find in the soul our infaillible leader and guide the Sweet Mother waiting to manifest in our mind, life and body.

Let us pray with love and humility in a call for the savior Light, then the miracle will happen and all the crushing stone walls around our soul will fall away like a castle of cards and we will emerge from the darkness into a glorious everlasting Light , on the soothing bosom of the Mother Divine.

Let us pray, the road is long but the miracle is the order of the day. In an instant, the prison will transform itself into a high sky-kissing Temple to the Mother Divine.

Let us pray with love and trust, She will Herself remove the stone blindness from our eyes and we will see the everlasting bliss of the Mother’s smile.

The journey is rough through tempest and hurricanes on a sea gone mad, but we are on an unsinkable boat steered by the Divine Mother Herself.

Let us have no fear whatsoever. Her blessings are our armour, force and corage.

Salute to our Mother, our all victorious Captain now and ever.

Om Sri Aurobindo, give us strenght, courage and faith to follow the Mother to the end.

Pranam, pranam, pranam


Prière – Prayer