If we observe carefully our dreams, we can have a fairly good idea of what happens when we are not in the body anymore.
Each person has many perszonalities , different beings from many different subtle worlds, all living like guests in a hotel from bandits to saints without a common bond.
By yoga as one becomes aware of the central being, the psyche and tries to create a homogeneous group entity around it. But in all ordinary cases, it is a chaotic group and when one leaves the body each element goes to its natural haunt and the soul to its resting place in a higher world. The subtle planes are immense unbound domains. On its return to earth in a new birth, the psyche picks up whatever was conscious of it, transformed, and other elements necessary for its further development.

happiness and sorrow are relative terms. What is poison to one is nectar to another. Only the psyche brings a deep constant felicity of the Divine in life and death, beyonde pleasure and suffering