Hatred, intolerance, battles, wars, conflicts and violence come from blind egocentric separative divided nature of man, the half-animal mental being. With the growth of the mind and psychic being in man there awakens in man a sense of unity , a need for unity. Even the highly developed spiritual man who realised the unity of all existencez in the Brahman is incapable to dfominate the animal vital nature living entirely in the separative ego sense. that is why there was never spontaneous peace antd unity even in  a small human community.

Only the supramental Force and consciousness has the absolute power to transform the divided ego-based human nature into an all-embracing divine nature. Now this power is operative in the earth-life. Wherever there is any opening, receptivity, the sense of unity, need for peace and harmony will grow and more and more conscious soyuls will accept the ideal of Sri Aurobindo and open themselves to the transforming Force of the Divine Mother. The violence will desappear from their life but their transformation even partial will have a general unifying tranquilisingf effect.

 An exclusive concentration is needed to give oneself to the Divine Mother and allow Her to remould our entire being in Her own way, become egoless divine instruments of the supramental Mahashakti,.  who is now governing directly the earth-evolution  and will manifest the most glorious blissful divine life on earth.

It will be our greatest good fortune to consecrate our whole life in Her service with love, trust and deep gratitude. . There is nothing to fear when the Mother is our all-mighty Sovereingn Queen