Emergence of the psychic being

The most brilliant and even the most sympathetic human beings
Have not been able to create even a small world of peace, unity, harmony and joy.

Not the mind, not even a generous vital consciousness
Can create peace and harmony in human life, in a community.

It is only through the development of the inmost psychic being
And its emergence and government that it can create a unified being composed
Of a large number of mental vital physical personalities and forces.

Average man is by his nature unstable, he has no control over his life and action.
He is moved all the time by deep-seated contradictory elements and his ego.

Only in a minority of human,the psychic being is sufficiently developed
Though not yet a king in full control of his kingdom.

Only the supramental power and consciousness can make the psychic being fully conscious
And powerful enough to become the leader of all the elements in him.

It is only the supramental power manifesting in the psychic being
That can fundamentally change the human nature and consciousness
Into a luminous divine being with divine nature and consciousness.

The psyche is waiting for an auspicious hour to wake up
In a new world of incredible wonder and irresistible fascination.

Niranjan Guha Roy

The constantly shifting mystery

When I look at the dark night, I wonder.
Myriads of stars hiding the sleeping God inside,
Waiting to blossom one day as the dry countryside after a rain.
God sleeps in the stone, in bricks, wood and metals,
He rises from the grassy lands with his assuring hands,
He lies under our feet, undisturbed, lives in all the bodies as a Guest.
The inter-galactic space is filled with His life-giving breath.
The sun, moon and the stars and the void,
The million varieties of living forms, invisible beings,
Incalculable forces and movements, broken glasses veil God,
The only indivisible Reality,
In whom there is no past, success, failure or future, timeless,
Filling all time yet not occupying any space, not even a point,
Overflowing the infinite boundless expanses,
In whom there is nothing far, in time or space,
No life or death, none other than himself, companionless,
Ever fulfilled, a bodiless marvel, an inexhaustible opulent existence,
An ocean in movement, a stillness unimaginable.

Myriads of candles twinkling on water, drifting, swirling in circles,
Each one a mighty mystery, an undiminished absolute monarch.
An ever-pure, immaculate splendour holding all in a strong embrace.
Unending dramas on an inscrutable, immobile, constantly shifting,
Rotating, floating deck, sweeping gales, uncontrolled outbursts,
Felicitous eruptions, geysers of perennial light and sweetness,
The mystic dance of the Mother
On the heaving bosom of the Lord in trance.


Niranjan Guha Roy

The Children of Light

Men and women suffer, enjoy themselves, knife each other and dance.
The next day starts again the infernal round of dance.
Some love war, ruin, the drunkenness of the violence.
Some relieve and cure the wounds of the others.
Each one in his turn is sometimes a rescuer, sometimes a murderer.
The groups are in confrontation all the time pushed by passion.

But the earth is beautiful, rich and lavishes its kindness without counting
Without second thought for the devils as for the saints.
People through ages sprayed the earth with their plentiful blood.
Others, dreamers, create immense temples to their favorite gods.
In the name of the Creator, man did not stop killing his brothers and sisters.
Can one turn away from a deaf person who hears not a word or sound!
Can one reprimand a man incapable to control his passion and desires!
The God in him is only a vague image; the animal is still strong, terrible.
The man in spite of his absurd claims is only a weak, precarious being.
He is a product, a creation of Nature, such as the horse and the monkey.
He is still blind, deaf, violent, incapable of organizing his destiny.
Nature cannot content itself with a failure so blatant, so disheartening.

Behind the appearance of an inevitable tragic fate of human race,
There is an eternal patient maternal power, the luminous Love
At work without rest in the mystic heart of the people.
Dogs do not see either the beauty of Venus,
Or the greatness of the Buddha.
Man does not perceive the divine Reality nor the children of Light.

Free of desire, exempt from any animal passions, luminous, peaceful,
United by the Divine Love, moved by the Divine Will,
These children conscious of the unique Infinite Divine Mother,
Grow, nourished by the Truth.
Their inexhaustible joy, their beauty,
Kindness and frank laughter will abolish
The cruel reign of the false, long dreadful nightmare.

The freed earth will cry with joy
As a child who has found his Mother.


Niranjan Guha Roy

Pranam, Douce Mère

All the oppressive darkness, cruelty, violence and monstruous falsehood of the world entered into the body of the Mother like so many deadly polluted rivers into a boundless ocean of light and felicity. Whatever touched Her got transmuted by the living fire of Her incandescent love. Her every thought, feeling, word, action and gesture was an infaillible power of transformation; Her touch, a mystical communion, a healing soothing blessing, a magical opening of hidden doors and passages leading the soul to God and His eternities of splendour. Constantly, She brought down new powers from the concealed superconscient heavens and laid the foundation of the life divine in a world of death and disaster.

She has given up Her mortal body and gone. But where can She go, the One who is all this infinite existence and infinitely more!

"Who else is there in this universe or elsewhere apart from Me!" Thus She proclaims to the aspiring soul.  She is here, there, everywhere. All these myriad forms and beings moving in time and space, in all dimensions are Her constantly shifting images. Whatever we see, dream, imagine, all that we tear, break and throw away, all that we love and enjoy is Herself. Nobody knows Her origin. She is self-born, eternal, infinite. She is alxways exploring Her pown impenetrable depths. She is always with us.

The dark and dangerous world has desappeared like fog in the sun. Each name, each face is a mystic symbol-image of a mysterious Stranger yet so living, so intimate, a Person so familiar. Everyday I discover how marvelously wonderful She was and is forever. We live eternally enclosed in Her love and protecting warmth.

May we remember You always and always

Accept our grateful pranam.

Niranjan Guha Roy