Aspiration, Meditation

There is only the eternal Presence.
The Force pours into the veins, its breath perfumes the house of life,

The light as a river floods the body and the spirit,
Its joy delights our days and nights, makes forget the torments of the pain.
Its consciousness penetrates into the dark and deep layers of our multiple being.
The known earth evaporates in the magnificence of a divine existence.

The suffocated fish endowed with wings flies away in a free sky.
The man compressed by the heavy matter appears dazzled in the eternal Light

O, Mother Divine,
Make of the house of our life Your permanent Home.
May our life be an enormous fire of love for the Divine.

Allow that in all the sounds and noise
I listen only to Your reassuring voice,
I perceive only Your mystic Presence spread as an ocean around me.
I feel only a single vibration inside, outside
You, You, infinitely You

Espoir - Hope

All is quiet within.At last the Spirit in me looks at the Eternal Spirit, relieved.

The veil is cut to ribbons, transparent, as if it never existed.
The huge restless noisy machine driven by an unquiet will
Has fallen asleep apparently and is now only a silent energy,
A smooth flowing current in harmony with million other forces,
All moving willingly, unwillingly, some happy, others struggling,
Driven by a conscious power, to work out even without knowing
The divine plan eternally unfolding for the sheer pleasure
Of some wonderful Creator in search of novelties.

All is quiet within!