A Love vast, impersonal

A Love vast, impersonal, omnipuissant penetrates all life on earth, and by its subtle penetrating rays increases light and power of the psychic elements in people and where there is a psychic being a little crystallized the penetrating rays of the Divine Love increase enormously the light and the divine consciousness and power in their inner being. Read more

The Passing Note

O Master Magician, no artist can paint thy elusive face
No sculptor can carve thy silhouette, no one can bind thee in a hame.

Thou O ever unknown stanger, my soul, my love
This magic of unfolding creation is only Thyself.

My life a passing note, O supreme musician, of thy symphony
One, individual, inalterable, absolute, immobile, silence
Infinite rays, mobile fragments, perpetual motion, delight.

This stupendous Presence pervades immeasurably all existence

O Mother Divine in Thy eternity
I discover my continuity